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Z-Union has been created in August 2018 in hope to create a centralized possibility to discuss with other ZTE users and even ZTE employees. With the recent switch of our software we now have many new possibilities and also a much more usable theme, especially on mobile devices.

We don't want to stop there, in fact we would like to provide our users with latest news and a frequently moderated community. Since we also have to focus on managing the servers, social media plattforms and the contact with ZTE, we now need your help!

Following positions in our community team are currently open:



  • mediation in case of disputes
  • pursues complaints
  • makes sure that users choose the title in a factual, appropriate and complete manner
  • informs users about off-topic discussions
  • moves off-topic discussions into either another topic or a new one to the correct forum
  • warns users if they are violationg community rules


  • frequent visits to our forums
  • stay informed about changes

Benefitial skills:

  • good english language skills, ideally fluent
  • calm and objective appearance

You can apply as a global moderator or a forum moderator for specific topics (for example for the Axon 7 forums; please specify that in your application).

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  • be and stay informed about topics (or one topic) you are interested in, for example:
    • Security Patches
    • Android Updates
    • New technology
    • ZTE Software Updates
    • new ZTE Phones / Hardware
  • write (detailed and not copied) news for the topics you are interested in (you can also use the article system for that)
  • respect the copyright and licensing (don't copy content from others without permission and/or quoting them correctly)

Benefitial skills:

  • fluent english
  • calm and objective appearance

You can also write news for a specific device or a phone series, for example the Axon 7 or the Axon series.

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In return for your help, we can provide you with the following services:

  • mail adress (500MB storage and forwarding included)
  • Webspace (optional)
  • Blog (optional)
  • Cloud storage (optional)

The storage limit or in case of the web space also the memory limit depends on your activity points. We will start with 1MB of storage space per activity point with a minimal amount of 100 points (as we don't have unlimited ressources). This might change in the future.

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    • Sounds great! Where and how can I apply?

      • Just click on the heading for the group you want to apply to :)
        (and fill out and submit the forms provided there of course :D )

        Edit: added links at the end of the group descriptions, maybe it's easier to find that way.