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Information about the Blade V9 already has been leaked a while back, so what else can we expect from ZTE this year at the MWC? This year, everything seems to be about 5G and mobile innovations, so is ZTE with their

@ZTEPress released some information on twitter, according to them we can expect the following devices:

ZTE 1.2Gbps Phone

Last year at the MWC 2017, ZTE already presented a demo phone, which was called the Gigabit Phone. Back then it was LTE based and could transfer files at speeds up to 1Gb/s. A drawback of this concept phone was, that it used too much energy doing so. With upcoming 5G Networks, ZTE could be showing up a device using the new Standard. Some countries are about or have already installed 5G networks for testing purposes. This could be an interesting development. However, there is currently no information about whether this 1.2Gbps phone is ready for production and whether it will be possible to buy it. It is likely that the 1.2Gbps smartphone, similar to the "gigabit phone" remains a concept and is therefore not expected to be seen in the wild.

ZTE Axon M

The Axon M is ZTE's attempt on an innovative new kind of mobile device. It is a phone with multi purpose dual screens which ZTE already has revealed a while back. You can find some more information on the device in this post. ZTE announced, that the ZTE Axon M will be coming to China and soon after to Europe. It is possible that ZTE will announce further details about the availability and a date for the release of the Axon M at the MWC 2018. The Axon M was released in the US at a price Tag of 725 USD, there is no information about pricing in Europe or China.

ZTE Blade V9

The Blade V9 will be the successor of the Blade V8 as a mid-range smartphone with decent specs. Information about the Blade V9 has already been leaked before, we summarized the most important features for you in this post. It will most likely be the first widescreen phone from ZTE using a 18:9 aspect ratio. It is likely that other ZTE devices will follow this design. If the leaked information is true, the Blade V9 will be powered by a Snapdragon 450 SoC with 2-4 GB of memory together with 16-64GB expandable internal storage.

According to the published flyer, the Blade V9 will be launched on February 25, 2018. There is currently no information on pricing.

Connected Cars + NB-IoT

ZTE not only develops phones that incorporate their mobile technology. I am not sure what ZTE will present in this area, but we can probably expect the following:

Recently they've released the ZTE Mobley, a connected OBD-II Adapter, which can be used to send statistics about your car and driving style to the cloud. This data can be used to track your car online and record routes and analyze driving style, fuel consumption and other technical data. In addition, the adapter can also be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot in a car. The 4G connection is provided by the adapter via WLAN for up to 5 devices. This device is also available in Europe, for example in Germany from Telekom, known as the Telekom CarConnect Adapter. It is possible that ZTE might also be cooperating with car manufacturers to integrate this technology.

NB-IoT is short for "Narrowband Internet of Things". This technology is used for smart devices to typically achieve low power consumption, long range and coverage. NB-IoT can be used e. g. for alarm systems, smart metering, smart cities or tracking.


ZTE Events

Date Site Heading Theme
February 6, 14:00-17:00 (already over) Beijing, China Media Briefing Leading 5G Innovations
February 25 Cupula de Las Arenas, Barcelona Blade V9 Launch Live Without Limits
February 26, 15:00-19:00 NextTech Theatre D, Hall 8 SG Summit 2018 Creating a New Mobile Area via 5G
February 27 NextTech Theatre D, Hall 8 GTI Summit TDD & 5G Industrial Cooperation
February 27, 14:00-15:00 Auditorium 5, Hall 4 GSMA Conference Speech Network Automation from 4G to 5G
March 1, 13:30-14:30 Auditorium 4, Hall 4 GSMA Conference Speech Do 5G Business Cases Depend More on Core or Edge Upgrades?

Joint Demos

Stand Hosts Topic
3E10, Hall 3 China Mobile, Qualcomm, ZTE World's First 5G NR IoDT@Sub-6GHz1
1F70, Hall 1 China Mobile, ZTE VR Service Demo Based on MEC2
3E31, Hall 3 Intel, ZTE Industry's Most Powerful BBU3
3E31, Hall 3 China Unicom, Intel, ZTE MEC1 Services Demo

(1) IoDT = Interoperability Data Testing

(2) MEC = Mobile Edge Computing: A network achitecture concept enabling cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of the cellular network (Wikipedia)

(3) BBU = Backup Battery Unit: a battery that is used to bridge the power supply of a device during a power outage or failure. BBUs are used for example in server environments but also for cell towers.

Android 8 for the Axon 7

Last year at the MWC 2017, ZTE USA demonstrated Android 7 for the Axon 7. Maybe we will see a preview of Android 8 this year? For this you have to keep in mind: The software of the US version is not the same as the global version. The software of the versions A2017, A2017U and A2017G is developed separately from each other in order to be able to meet local requirements and specifications. So far, however, many functions of the US version have also made it to the global version.

The fact that Android 8 for the ZTE Axon 7 is coming has already been confirmed in a post at the end of 2017 by William Guo.

We already know that Android 8 for the ZTE Axon 7 is shipped with a stock based UI (called Stock+ UI) instead of the Mifavor interface in both the US and global versions. This makes the software leaner and possibly easier to maintain. We also know, that the ETA for a release in Germany is April 2018, other countries will probably follow soon after that.

Where is the Axon 9?

In the released MWC Flyer, there is no information about an ZTE Axon 9 release. Earlier this month, there have been leaks and rumours about the ZTE Axon 9 and there are even some pictures floating around. The only thing that has been confirmed about it is the name. The expected specs are:

  • Snapdragon 845
  • 6 inch 18:9 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440*2880 pixels
  • 4 to 6GB of system memory
  • 64GB / 128GB / 256GB internal storage
  • Dual Camera on the back (20MP) and front (13MP)
  • Android 8 Oreo as OS
  • Fingerprint Sensor integrated into the screen (since there is no other visible fingerprint sensor on the leaked pictures)
  • Face Detection (has been in Android for ages, so this will most likely be true...)

The expected price of the device is 550 to 629 USD which will likely be converted to 550 to 629€.

We are looking forward to the Axon 9 and hope that the Axon 9 will be a worthy successor to the successful Axon 7. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about Axon 9 or its release date at the moment. However, we hope that ZTE will release the Axon 9 soon. As soon as we know more about it, we will of course inform you about further details.

Keep in mind, that the information and opinions published on this page is not directly from ZTE but based on our own research.

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