Simplified Forum Structure and enabled Multilingualism

Settings for multilingualism
This picture shows the settings for enabled multilingualism.

Simplified Forum Structure

A few weeks ago, we asked you about simplifying our forum structure. Sadly we didn't get much feedback but moving to the simplified structure got a majority (60%) of those who voted in this poll. Now it is time to implement this change.

Our past forum structure for mobile devices looked like this:


  • Device Custom ROMs & Modding
  • Device Accessories

These sub forums are now gone. Instead there are new labels "Mod", "ROM", and "Accessories" you can use to mark the contents for specific topics. On top of the thread list, there is a filter, which can be used to specifically search for content of one topic. This way forums for smartphones with less interests don't contain empty sub-forums anymore. This makes the forum overview look tidier and in future it will be easier for us to create new device forums and archive old device forums.

The sub-forum "App Development" is now also gone, since it was rarely used. Since our focus is on ZTE Smartphones anyway and not on general app development, this is not surprising.

Enabled Multilingualism

As you may have noticed, if you where using German as a language in your profile settings, we already translated some texts to German, like the forum titles, tags and also some articles and pages. This isn't without a reason. According to our statistics, German is the second most used language from our visitors. The most used language is (obviously) English.

Since our team is also from Germany, we can provide translations and moderate content in German.

In your profile settings, you could already select your preferred main language. Now you can also choose which languages you are able to understand. Threads in other languages will be hidden from you. When you selected multiple languages, you will see a language selection when creating new threads. You should choose in which language you want to create the thread before posting it.

We may add new languages in the future. However, for this we need moderators who speak these languages.

Please note, however, that employees of ZTE may not understand content that was not written in English and therefore may not be able to respond to it. Languages other than English are mainly for better communication with members who may not speak English well.

As our offer is still internationally oriented, I would ask you to continue using mainly English wherever possible. Topics may also be provided in two languages. This is the case with new articles, for example.

The community rules have been updated accordingly.