ZTE Axon 7 Guide: manual firmware update

Attention: Currently the official download pages for firmware updates for ZTE phones are not available.


  • Make sure your phone is charged, at least up to 30%
  • You need around 3GB of free storage on your phone or an external sd card

Step 1: Download the ROM

Device selection on ztedevice.com/support Choose your device from the device selection.

First, go to ZTE Device Global, select your Region then “Smart Phones” as device type and finally your device, in our case the Axon 7 (Open Market).

SD Card Upgrade List

Then click on the download icon on the right side for desired firmware version (these images are full images, so you can use them directly for updating your devices to 7 / 7.1). In this example we are using the Firmware version V1.2.0B09, where 1.2 stands for Android 7.1 and B09 for the 9th update on Android 7.1.

Note: ZTE Germany does not offer firmware downloads on ztedevice.com, you can either flash a ROM from another country (the firmware is the same if it has the same version, but sometimes region-specific fixes or missing certifications are not pushed to every region) or download it from their website on Downloads - ZTE mobile Support .

Latest Firmware at the time of the last update: Nougat B10 / A2017GV1.2.0B10

Step 2: Extract the ROM

This step is only needed for firmware files from ztedevice.com.

Extract the zip file either with the built-in tool from Windows or with a tool of your choice like 7zip, winrar, etc.

I will use the built-in extraction tool in this example.

Extract the downloaded archive Right click on the downloaded file and use "Extract All..." or a tool of your choice to extract the update.zip from it.

After extracting the zipped file, you will find a folder with the version and “(SD card software)” in it. Inside this folder you will find a file called “update.zip”. This is the file we need to update our device.

Step 3: Connect your phone

Plug the USB C cable into your phone and the other end into a free USB port of your PC (obviously).

A notification should pop up, asking you which mode you want to choose for PC connection.

USB mode setting Select "Media device MTP" from this list.

Make sure you have selected “Media Device MTP”, otherwise you might not be able to transfer the update file to your device.

Step 4: Copy the update onto your device

In order to use the update, you now have to copy the update onto your Axon 7. You can either use copy and paste or drag and drop to transfer the file.

In the example I will be using copy and paste.

Copy the update.zip Right click and then copy to copy the update.zip to your clipboard. Paste the update.zip Paste the update.zip onto the root folder of your phones internal storage. This might take some time. Picture of the internal memory from an Axon 7 showing the update.zip file. At the end of the copying process, the file "update. zip" should be located in the base directory of the internal memory or alternatively the microSD card of the Axon 7, as shown on the picture.

Step 5: Updating the phone

Now that we have prepared everything, we can finally start the update process.

For that you need to open the phones settings and from there "System Update". If you've successfully copied the update.zip onto your phone, you should see an update displayed there. Now you only need to press "Update" and wait for the phone to reboot.

System Updates Screen On the system updates screen just press the update button in order to start the update.

That's it! Enjoy your new firmware version!