Community Rules

  • Be polite to each other: Respect other community members, help each other out. Respect different opinions.
    • No flaming, provocations or aggressive posts
    • No hate speechs, abuse or harrassment
  • Language: Our community is international, so please try to use English as main language. Currently we also offer our users to write content in German, make sure you select the correct language before creating a thread. Content in other languages can and will be edited or deleted and the user warned.
    • Stay within one language in a thread. If necessary create a new thread in another available language (Currently English and German).
  • Stay on topic: Use threads, if someone had the same question or useful content to a thread. Create your own thread, if you have a new question or unrelated content.
  • Report spam or abuse: If you see someone posting spam, illegal content or content which is violating our community rules, please report them. This will help us to keep the forums clean and tidy, so you can have the optimal user experience.
  • One account is enough: If you have problems accessing your account, you can contact us using social media or our contact mail address.
  • Don't spam or advertise:
    • No third-party advertisement (link, text or image) without explicit permission.
    • No unrelated or meaningless content (like random combinations of words or letters).
  • Don't excessively bump threads: You can use thread bumping, but please use it wisely and don't keep "spamming" to bump your threads.
  • Don't post illegal or adult content: Yes, this means no porn for you. Also no violence or other adult content.
  • As this community is running on a german server, german law applies.
  • No direct links to executable files malware / viruses or other malicious content: We might remove links containing malicious content.
  • Don't post personal/private information (from you or others): This is a public community, thus everyone who is visiting us is able to read your posts and profile information. Keep this in mind while posting private / personal information.

We are objective and don't censor (modify or delete) your contributions, but we maintain the right to edit, move or delete content wich is violating our community rules.

The rules might be changed in the future.

Last updated: 27.03.2018