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  Warranty Question
Posted by: Florin Ceresan - 7 hours ago - Forum: Support - Replies (3)

it seems like my audio jack it.s broken.when i plug in the headphones they will not stay in there,there isn.t that click sound when you plug the headphones...is that covered by warranty.?.if yes..what i have to do to be able to have my phone fixed...im from Romania,sorry for my english

  Suggestions about AXON M
Posted by: William Guo - Yesterday, 21:55 - Forum: ZTE Axon M - No Replies

Hi all,

As we know, ZTE has a new flagship AXON M these days, what is your ideas about this phone.

Please post here, your suggestions would be transfered to engineers for improving.

Thank you!

  A2017G has no plan for Andriod 8 this year
Posted by: William Guo - Yesterday, 21:07 - Forum: ZTE Axon 7 - Replies (11)

Hi all,

Because Andriod 8 is still unstable and needs to be tested for a while, ZTE A2017G has no plan for Andriod 8 this year, probably for A2017/U too.

Hope you can understanding that. Any new information about Andriod 8 will be posted ASAP.

You can put forward your ideas and suggestions about Andriod 8, thanks for your waiting.

Posted by: illumi241 - 20.11.2017, 02:48 - Forum: Z-Union News - No Replies

Short news for our night owls or overseas guests / users Big Grin

We've just activated a shoutbox for you, where you can talk to other community members. Maybe this will bring us closer as a community Smile

So far the Shoutbox is only available in the desktop view, since this shoutbox is not designed for mobile views. If you want, you can use it on the desktop view on your phone (on the bottom of our page, you can switch the version from mobile to desktop or from desktop to mobile). If it is well received, we will build on this in the future.

You need to be activated and registered and youneed to have at least written 3 posts to write in our shoutbox.

For Tapatalk users: The shoutbox is not connected to the tapatalk chat, which is directly hosted by tapatalk.

If the shoutbox is not displayed correctly, try to clear the cache from your browser or if you are using Android from the app you are using to access the page.

  Planning on buying a axon 7 soon.
Posted by: Jens Optroodt - 18.11.2017, 01:00 - Forum: Buying Advice - Replies (3)

Hi! ^^

So I did some research and have followed the fb page for a while and i think the axon 7 is quite a good phone.
But I live in Europe but have found a company who sells the phone with a included a full warranty for 2 years the price is 400 euros tho.

So now I'm wondering if it would still be a good idea for me to buy one.

If not could any of you guys recommend me a other one?

Well anyway here are some stuff my new phone really needs (witch the axon 7 almost has all)
-Front facing speakers/medium audio quality (doesn't need to be very loud)

-Good/decent screen/at least 5 inch , I use my phone 50% for watching media but due to data limitations and slow speeds I only watch vids at 480p and rarely 720p (I'm currently using a small phone but want a bigger one)

-Good bleuthoot, I use a bleuthoot headset everyday to go to school (at least one hour a day min.) so descent connection and quality is needed.

-I sometimes would like to use my expensive headphones (audio jack) with it but this isn't a must at all.

-battery that can last for video playback for at least 4 hours (using all battery saving methods) and music playback (with Bluetooth headset) for also 3 to 4 hours

And that's it I know this was quite a long post but wanted to put as much info as possible.
Thxs in advance!

(and sorry if I miss spelled something ;-).)

Sent from my E39 using Tapatalk

Also the company who I'm planning from buying says its a 2016 model.
Is there any difference between models?/is it important?

  Should i update manual to Android 7.0 ?
Posted by: Qifis - 17.11.2017, 09:38 - Forum: Axon 7 Mini - Replies (5)

Hi guys, i'm from Romania and i still don't have update(automatic) for my phone ZTE Axon 7 MINI to android 7.0+ ... Should i update manual android 7.0 with ZIP(SD) from Russia ? >>>https://myzte.ru/smartphones/axon/axon-7-mini/#default-9<<<
My problem is the menu it will be in Russian(language) only ? The network (SIM) is gonna still work in Romania ? My guarantee is not affected by manual update ?

[ https://imgur.com/a/7joDr ]

Thanks !

Heart Android O is comming to our axon's 7
Posted by: Fuilares - 16.11.2017, 22:59 - Forum: ZTE Axon 7 - Replies (7)

Axon 7 will get android 8.0 and its almost official! I've got some leaked vid from mifavor 5.2 and android 8 . Link:

  Welcome suggestions on AXON 7/Mini, thanks!
Posted by: William Guo - 16.11.2017, 18:21 - Forum: Introductions - Replies (6)

Hi all,

Big Grin 
Very glad to join this big family!

Since I work for ZTE and keep eyes on AXON 7/Mini, so any suggestions on such device would be highly appreciated!

William Guo

  To the ZTE worker in this forum.
Posted by: DK666 - 16.11.2017, 12:23 - Forum: ZTE Axon 7 - Replies (2)

I've read in the ZTE AXON 7 facebook group, that there's a ZTE worker from the headquarter in here, who will answers our questions.

So my question is:

Will we get Android 8/Oreo, on our AXON 7 A2017G models?

  Stock music player
Posted by: Christian H - 15.11.2017, 21:23 - Forum: ZTE Axon 7 - Replies (3)

Hi everyone. I hope this is the right place ^^.
As it seems ZTE is reading us ><
Will there be a chance that the stock music player will get an upgrade?
Because for a phone with a DAC it has a really crappy music player.
Doesn't play by track but alphabetically
Only has equaliser via Dolby atmos
Doesn't support dsd files
It bugs and lags
And so on...
Or is there any music player that they officially can stay that it uses the DAC?

Hope they will read me and give some feedback ?

For the rest I really like this phone