Global Giveaway - 5 ZTE Paper Notebooks

  • Hello Z-Union Community,

    We've opened the community to the public on Monday and we already got over 100 registered users, over 200 posts and over 50 Threads. We think that this are great values for a new community but even more important are our members or more specifically you and your support and feedback!
    We wanted to thank our community with a little giveaway.
    So we are giving away 5 ZTE branded paper notebooks from ZTE :)

    If you would like to participate, just use this form and read and accept the terms and conditions. The contest starts 12. August 2017 at 14:00 CEST and ends 18. August 2017 20:00 CEST.

    Pictures of the notebook:

    To access this form, you have to be a registered member of this community with a verified account (e-mail confirmation).
    If you are using tapatalk you will most likely have to use the web version to access the giveaway since tapatalk doesn't support forms.

    Have a nice weekend and good luck to all!

    Your Z-Community Team

  • The submission is sent to us and not publicly visible, yes you can theoretically open the form more than once but as stated in the rules only one entry will count.
    We will get a notification after you've submitted the form, which includes your username and the answers you've given.

    If we would've chosen another method for registration, there always would be the risk of duplicate entries, since you also can send multiple PMs, multiple posts, open multiple threads, etc.
    It would require modifications to the plugin itself to disable itself after the first submission.

    But no worries, as stated in our rules, multiple submissions will be filtered ;)