Camera2 API

  • Hello everyone,
    i post here in order to approach ZTE developers about the necessity to implement Camera2 API on axon7.
    We share a lot of hardware with other terminals and as you can see here, the results are impressive:…meliorating-image-quality

    This would not only a benefit of users with custom ROMs but also stock users, allowing them to solve the 0day issues with the camera image quality expecially in low light conditions.

    What do you think? What ZTE think about this possible implementation?

  • There's no technical reason for ZTE to not implement this feature.
    I completely agree with you, the Axon7's camera would vastly improve its performance with this Camera2 API...if ZTE really "cares" it should listen us!

  • too bad ZTE will not add Camera2 Api.

    If we can make a Vote thing for ZTE to see, and everyone Donates 5€ or something like that,then yes. they will do it.

    lets collect like 500 X money for them to make it happen. we need to make some sort of petition or so.

    i remember back in the day, we did that for HTC to give Desire HD Android GB 2.3 faster :D
    (it was the petition)

    Now that i have chosen Axon 7, it is in my best interests to have a good device :D

    -XDA Dev since 2010-
    "what ever it is,Just make it happen"

  • I think its in all our interests and it I think it should be in ZTEs interests, too, as this means more happy customers and potential buyers for new phones :)

    A petition sounds good, I think you can reach some people with that and if so, they would see that there is interest for the API.

  • If anyone's seen the comparison shots for OnePlus phones and the Essential PH1, this feature would be a life saver. The specs for the camera are solid but the software is horrible. Especially in anything other than ideal outdoor morning shots.