Giveaway #2: ZTE Axon 7 Headphones

  • What are the most important factors for you to consider buying a phone? 24

    1. Update (Android Versions) (11) 46%
    2. Security / Bugfix Updates (9) 38%
    3. Hardware (17) 71%
    4. Customer Service (2) 8%
    5. Battery (7) 29%
    6. User Interface (1) 4%
    7. Software stability (7) 29%
    8. Other - Please specify as a response (3) 13%

    We have received 5 ZTE Axon 7 headphones to give away to our community. This time you will have to earn your entries, so it won't be that easy to just register and participate ;)

    How to participate:

    If you want to participate just answer the poll from this thread. With your participation you agree the terms and conditions listed below.

    You have multiple options to get an entry for this giveaway. Every option will be one entry.

    • >= 5 useful Posts
    • >= 3 useful Threads
    • >= 5 referred friends (during registration, they can enter your name as a referrer)

    Useful in this case means, that the post has some informational content other than just a few words like "thank you" or "+1" etc. and contains at least 30 symbols.

    The items you can win:
    You can win one of these ZTE Axon 7 Headsets in original packaging.

    Obligatory terms and conditions:

    • No purchase necessary.
    • Answer the poll in this thread to enter the giveaway. With submitting the poll you agree to the terms and conditions.
    • To get additional entries in this giveaway you have following options: 5 useful posts in our community, 3 useful threads or 5 invited / referred friends. For every option you will get one entry.
    • Each of the five winners will win one out of five ZTE Axon 7 Headsets.
    • The winners must be of legal age for online contests per their local laws and regulations.
    • The contest is void where prohibited.
    • This is a global giveaway excluding the countries where contests are prohibited.
    • You can enter the giveaway after you've met the stated requirements with a reply in this thread.
    • Only registered members of this community have access to this form and therefore this contest.
    • Only one entry per person, duplicate entries or attempts to circumvent fairness measures are prohibited and will be removed.
    • At the end of this contest We will randomly select 5 winners out of all entries.
    • We will ship the items to the selected winners at our expense.
    • Contest winner will be responsible for any VAT or Customs Tax that may be applicable depending on the country of origin.
    • The exchange or the cash payment is excluded.
    • There is no right of appeal.
    • We will not use your data for other uses than for this giveaway and this community.
    • ZTE employees and Z-Union Team members (beta members not included) are not allowed to participate in this contest.
    • We will notify the winners within 48 hours after the contest via private message in this community.
    • Each winner must respond within 48 hours of the notification, otherwise the prize will be re-drawn.
    • The contest starts 15. October 2017 at 15:05 CEST and ends 22. October 2017 23:59 CEST.

    We hope you enjoy our new giveaway :)[hr]The winners have been drawn. If you have participated in our giveaway, check your pm inbox if you are one of the winners :)

    The poll is now open again, if you still want to vote without participating in the giveaway :)