New Profile Field for faster Support

  • Hello Z-Union Members,

    I've added a new profile field "Phone Support Country" which you should consider to fill in.

    How you can edit this field: Go into the "User CP" and there in the menu on the left side click on "Edit Profile". You will see some fields on the right side which you can edit, one of them is the mentioned field "Phone Support Country".
    Please fill in the country in which you've bought your phone there, so that ZTE can redirect the requests to the correct team.

    Small FAQ for that field and why you should consider filling it in:

    Why should you use it?
    As you might know, ZTE is a global company with different sub companies distributed around the globe and also in different european countries. It is easier for them to process your requests more directly if they know, where you bought the phone. For phones from different countries there might be specific adoptions, so that they need to redirect the request to the ZTE company responsible for that phone.

    Is this field readable by anyone?
    No, it is only readable by you, the Z-Union team and registered ZTE employees. We don't want to force you to tell anyone where you live, even if its only the country.

    Is the field required?
    No, it is an optional field. We would reccomend to fill it in as support is easier for ZTE with that information. As stated above, we don't want to force you to give out information, even if its only to us and ZTE employees.