Bobo VR Z4 + Axon 7

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  • Hello all.
    So, I will do a test in near future with A7 and VR headset, Daydream,cardboard Vr.
    For those who want to know more about Vr and so.

    So i have ordered Bobo Z4 mini (its same as the new Z5 ) VR Headset just to try it out and share my experience.
    i will test how it is and tell if it is , in my opinion a must try experience. Something you should try or not.

    as of now i have Only tried it with different headset and different screens. (Leji mini Vr+Galaxy s4) (yes, Youtube in VR is epic!)

    Still...Connecting phone to PC through TrinusVR app and playing GTA V or so, is AMAZING
    Ho lee Shizzle!
    Very vive/rift on the cheap :D , diy style.

    i will do a full written review and thoughts here (when the stuffs arrive) , and tell if it will be something you will find worthy to try as well.


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  • I already have the daydream VR Headset to play with but I didn't know TrinusVR yet, thanks for the hint :)

    So far I only tried VRidge which compressed images very strong so its was impossible to read texts, even bigger ones.
    I will try TrinusVR this weekend then :D