Planning on buying a axon 7 soon.

  • Hi! ^^

    So I did some research and have followed the fb page for a while and i think the axon 7 is quite a good phone.
    But I live in Europe but have found a company who sells the phone with a included a full warranty for 2 years the price is 400 euros tho.

    So now I'm wondering if it would still be a good idea for me to buy one.

    If not could any of you guys recommend me a other one?

    Well anyway here are some stuff my new phone really needs (witch the axon 7 almost has all)
    -Front facing speakers/medium audio quality (doesn't need to be very loud)

    -Good/decent screen/at least 5 inch , I use my phone 50% for watching media but due to data limitations and slow speeds I only watch vids at 480p and rarely 720p (I'm currently using a small phone but want a bigger one)

    -Good bleuthoot, I use a bleuthoot headset everyday to go to school (at least one hour a day min.) so descent connection and quality is needed.

    -I sometimes would like to use my expensive headphones (audio jack) with it but this isn't a must at all.

    -battery that can last for video playback for at least 4 hours (using all battery saving methods) and music playback (with Bluetooth headset) for also 3 to 4 hours

    And that's it I know this was quite a long post but wanted to put as much info as possible.
    Thxs in advance!

    (and sorry if I miss spelled something ;-).)

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    Also the company who I'm planning from buying says its a 2016 model.
    Is there any difference between models?/is it important?

  • Also the company who I'm planning from buying says its a 2016 model.
    Is there any difference between models?/is it important?

    I think they mean, that the phone itself is from 2016 (released in June 2016) and therefore not the newest phone.

    There are of course newer phones but for the price tag there are still not many devices which can compete with the features from the Axon 7, especially not with the dual speakers and the good audio quality with its built in dac. The hardware also is still very strong, it maybe isn't the "latest and greatest" anymore but therefore it isn't that expensive :D

    In my opinion the only two annoyances are the soft keys without backlight and the missing RGB Notification LED (it has only two colors, green and red, therefore only red, green and orange as colors).
    Also Android 8 is still not confirmed yet but it should at least be available with custom ROMs, even if it is not officially released.

    All in all I still can recommend the Axon 7, especially since some companies are selling it for around 230-250€ if you get a good deal, for that price it really is great.

  • No problem, I am from Germany it's a similar language :D

    I think that 400€ is too much for a phone that is over a year old now. At our (Germany) Amazon they sell it for 349 for example and Rakuten for 339€.
    The sad thing is, even for 400€ there doesn't seem to be any other phone which could compete with the Axon 7 :D

    Concerning the warranty and support, it depends on the local ZTE company (or the one from the country in which you bought the Axon 7). ZTE has support partners in every country the same goes for support Hotlines or online support.
    That would probably be ZTE Netherlands in this case.

    You can see the responsible support partners here:

    Sadly Netherlands and Belgium seem to be missing on this map... Maybe I could ask for the responsible ZTE Office and repair partner next week :)

    As for my information about the vip service (1 additional year warranty, 6 months warranty on display damage, 3 years warranty on water damage), this service is only available in the follow countries: UK/Germany/Spain/France/Italy/Russia
    So you might "only" get a "normal" two years warranty.