• Short news for our night owls or overseas guests / users :D

    We've just activated a shoutbox for you, where you can talk to other community members. Maybe this will bring us closer as a community :)

    So far the Shoutbox is only available in the desktop view, since this shoutbox is not designed for mobile views. If you want, you can use it on the desktop view on your phone (on the bottom of our page, you can switch the version from mobile to desktop or from desktop to mobile). If it is well received, we will build on this in the future.

    You need to be activated and registered and youneed to have at least written 3 posts to write in our shoutbox.

    For Tapatalk users: The shoutbox is not connected to the tapatalk chat, which is directly hosted by tapatalk.

    If the shoutbox is not displayed correctly, try to clear the cache from your browser or if you are using Android from the app you are using to access the page.