ZTE Still Support AXON 7

  • Hi, :)

    All dear AXON 7 users,

    There is a bird said that AXON 7 is out of production, which makes many AXON 7 users feel anxious.

    Please don't worry about the issues of AXON 7, ZTE is still behind your back whenever you need help.

    The software support for AXON 7 will last for rather long time, so does the development support too.

    Any ideas about improvement would always be highly welcomed!



    Your AXON 7/Mini

  • I hope they take care of the international G model too.

    -It would be amazing to see Camera2Api enabled fully in future, To have googles HDR+ function (it has very good advanced image processing)
    right now the downloaded app cannot use that function, because its not enabled on hardware level.

    Happy to hear that support continues :D
    Very good.

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  • I agree with Pruikki, I think most people here want Camera2API.
    And I noticed some small but annoying bugs with Music app. For example if I pull out my headphone cable the music continues playing, it happens only sometimes.
    Also volume goes down on it's own exactly to the level where if I want to make it louder I have to take the phone out of the pocket and select OK on the volume warning message.
    If I want to pause/play music with the button on my headphones I have to press play on the phone screen first, only than it works with the headphones button (but also buggy, sometimes I have to press more than once). And no, it's not a problem with the headphones, I have a different pair and the same happens.
    Sorry for long post, nice to hear that Axon 7 still has support :)

  • Hi,

    Have you tried another headphone? I guess the right headphone would fix this issue.

  • Quote from "William Guo" pid='1606' dateline='1512076546'

    The software support for AXON 7 will last for rather long time, so does the development support too.
    Any ideas about improvement would always be highly welcomed!

    Nice to hear, thx.
    It would be great, if some basic annoying issues could be solved even before Oreo.
    1. Language/country problem
    It seems, that there is a basic setting for english, which is read by many apps, no matter what the user sets as basic language/country.
    Example: if you set your phone to German incl German sim, the ZTE browser still believes English is the preferred langiage. Multilingual sites automatically use English, while on other Smartphones the same site will correctly use german.
    Touchpal seems to read the same setting, as it often switches to english, though a different language is set as standard.
    It is an issue, which occurred right from the beginning, but has never been solved. Complains about it, you can find in all Axon7 related forums.
    So, if you find out, where the ZTE browser reads its language imformation from, you'll know where to spot the bug.

    2. plumb line three degree deviation since Nougat.
    Many user complain, as they cannot use Daydream properly for some games because of this.
    Unfortunately there is no sensor calibration as on other smartphones.
    It is said to have been working correctly on Marshmallow.

    3. Ringtone settings
    Rungtones, alarms or notification tones which were properly copied into the appropriate folders, are not added to the respective list, but have to be looked for in "music".
    It is not funny to scroll through 1000s of songs to find one tone.

    4. Visual improvement for Mifavor or any launcher.
    Add the possibility to change to standard icons instead of apple-style icons...or maybe even to use custom icons.
    Android people often don't like apples.

    5. User management.
    Please add the possibility to add users and profiles.
    So users can f.e. switch between business and private or adult and child profile.

    6. Open features.
    Please do not castrate or restrict any android standard functions any more.
    F.e. the system tuner wheel.
    Users would be really happy and grateful.

    Altogether I am really satisfied with the Axon7 flagship.
    The mentioned issues and improvements would push the customer satisfaction some levels upwards.
    As VOC specialist you certainly know its importance.

    Xie xie

  • Hi, :D :D

    Thanks for your great suggestions!
    I would forward to ZTE engineer and ZTE would appreciate your support!
    Thanks again!
    Happy New Year!
    Have a great holiday!