Android 8 is just around the corner!

  • These are wonderful news!! Please add the option for navigation buttons. It will make your axon 7 users so happy!!! Propably will make some of them to keep using this devise...

    What? You mean a navbar? That's kind of weird...

    This thread is saturated with small tweaks that could be done easily with root... The things zte really needs to change are the important ones such as Camera2, an Always On Display implementation (can only be done by them), DAC improvement...

    All of these simple tweaks just act as a distraction. We may get a navbar and 40 volume steps but no Camera2 or AOD for that matter

  • Do you have the flickering constantly or only in dark locations with no or not much artificial light? I have flickering when I'm lying in my bed and watching YouTube sometimes. I think it might be related to the dynamic display brightness, which either doesn't find the exact point to adjust to or reacts to itself. If I set a manual brightness or change the brightness the flickering is gone.

  • I can recommend to disable assertive display in the screen settings

    yes, good ideas. assertive display off now. will test more now, in low lit room will test.

    I think this can be fixed easily by Disabling it on over 75% brightness if that will be done so in next updates.

    ill check back to share how it goes now (assertive display off)
    Here is some devs made their S7 edges better by simply tweaking Kernel Stuff.

    TL;DR - Yes,It is possible by Tweaks, to make it better, and reduce PWM (like make no PWM aover 75% brightness)
    ill try to forward this to LOS developers.

    Also yeah, Assertive display off and is slighty better i think,not sure.

    More testing i will do :D

    -XDA Dev since 2010-
    "what ever it is,Just make it happen"

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  • Generally everything is great, and the software is not heavily skinned and modified as with Samsung, which is a good thing. To make this better, conforming the coming 8.0 firmware with the new Project Treble structure would be great for modifying the Rom easily even after the official support has ended. There are people who just can't afford to buy a new phone, or others who still want to use it for some purpose even if they may have another primary phone. It would be a shame to not make use of such a good phone with latest updates after official support is over. So please consider this, although you are already doing a good job up to now.
    On, one more thing: when I restart the phone, the Bluetooth is always off and I need to enable it manually. I use Bluetooth for my smart watch and audio, so I always need it on. Also some of the apps that need to start when powering on, don't seem to, although I have explicitly set autostart to allow. Maybe there is already a solution which I don't know, but please also consider this for the new update. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your suggestions again. The issue about signal reception would be perfect in the long run and ZTE engineers are always optimize this signal reception. As for the ambient display, I would forward this to ZTE engineer! Any new information I would pass it to you. Thanks!

  • 1. It will be awesome if the new firmware will support Project Treble
    2. Camera2Api
    3. Opportunity to use AK4490 in other applications.


    Firstly, thanks for your suggestions. As for your idea, I would forward this to ZTE engineer! Any new information I would pass it to you. Thanks again!


    Hi William,
    thanks a lot fir this info.
    It would be a fine idea if project treble will be included. This will make our smartpone longer useable.
    Best regards


    Firstly, thanks you very much. As for your great idea, I would forward this to ZTE engineer! Any new information I would pass it to you. Thanks again! :D


    William Guo

    There is one thong that annots me a bit currently. After a boot, entering sim pin and unlocking the device i get a list of numbers and have to choose one to continue starting, i have seen this dialog on other devices, but it shows a list of the provider and his virtual provider networks. i am not sure if this has any effect, but i would like to know what i have to choose. I guess this is just a missing or incomplete list somewhere... see this screenshot for more:…7-12-23-13-08-18.jpg?dl=0


    Sorry for later reply.
    What you offered link I cannot open. Can you post your screenshot here?
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    1) Самое главное включить Camera2 API
    2) Если возможно, включите режим приема аудио в модуле Bluetooth, чтобы телефон мог воспроизводить звук, поступающий с другого устройства через Bluetooth-соединение.

    Благодарю! Я хочу направить вашу замечательную идею для инженеров. Спасибо за ваше предложение!

    Widevine L1 DRM would make this phone perfect. HD content from Netflix, Play is a MUST! Please add it.
    AptX is a must also.

    I have already added all that you mention above and forward to ZTE engineer. They said they appreciate your great idea and would take these into test. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for your great suggestions!
    I would forward these ideas to ZTE engineers.
    Thanks again!

  • Hi William.

    This is not about Oreo, but since you're watching this thread, I thought that I might as well ask here :-)

    When AXON 7 users are looking for updates in the settings, it says that the network is not available, which sounds like ZTE server problems.

    So my question is:

    Do you know anything about this, and if so, how long it approximately will take, before it works again?

    Thank you!

  • Спасибо большое что не покидаете поддержку такой удачной модели телефона как ZTE Axon 7! Хочу попросить добавить в новой версии ОС поддержку смены DPI, так как текущее разрешение экрана не всегда нужно в повседневном использовании простых задач (звонки, почта, интернет...). И хотелось бы поддержку Capera2 API ))

    Thank you very much that you do not leave support for such a successful phone model as ZTE Axon 7! I want to ask to add support for changing the DPI of the screen in the new version of the OS, since the current screen resolution is not always necessary in everyday use of simple tasks (calls, mail, Internet ...). And I would like to support Capera2 API))

  • Dear ZTE customers,

    We are announcing now that we are already developing android 8 for the Axon 7, your positive feedback has been inspiring us a lot and made us very happy and because of this we try to get it customer ready as soon as possible for the best customers in the world, and I ask for your understanding because we still need some time to perfect it.
    So if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know it under this post, thanks a lot!!

    Hello ZTE Team,

    Thank you very much for all the update support you've been given to the Axon 7, although being not an $800 phone or the latest phone from ZTE. It is really nice to know that there's still a company that cares so much about the customer and not only selling the products, because the Axon 7 was the best phone for the price and having that much features added along the way, like Daydream is really pleasing for me as a ZTE cusotmer. Now that the phone is shortly receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo update and since you asked for a little feedback to make changes into the coming update, I'd like to give you mine as a user from the US version (A2017U) since a year ago. :rolleyes:

    1. The LG V30 came with a very nice features for audiophile users, and since the Axon 7 is an audio-oriented device, I think it's worth it and very simple one; the phone has like 32 volume steps from the mute to the full volume, this means that we can adjust the volume in an even more precise way to enjoy the amazing DAC and amplifier the Axon is equipped with.

    2. Before buying the Axon 7, I had a Nexus 6, the stock android UX is wonderful, believe me. Thankfully, the Axon 7 isn't that far, just one comment with that respect is the quick settings menu (above the notification area) it would be great if you could just leave stock android in that place rather that putting a menu that lakcs animations and the versatility that the stock quick settings menu has, of course, leave the shortcuts to Dolby Atmos and all those features, but use the stock template.

    3. MyVoice app. I think it's completely useless taking into account that Google Assistant exist (Since I got the phone, I disabled it), it uses memory, storage and makes more complicated the UI and UX so its better without myvoice.

    4. Calendar, Clock, Messaging, Dialer, Contacts; all these apps are great in the Axon 7, but trust me, ask anyone and they will tell you that they prefer the stock Calendar, Clock, Messaging, Dialer, Contacts apps that Google develops. Its a waste of resources that the manufacturers develop their own apps that would do the same as Google's, when they can focus those resources into something better like optimization or useful features or something like that. HTC used to do that, but since last year, they realized that it was a waste and that everyone prefers Google's apps for design, features, constant updates, storage capacity, simple yet complete UX and UI; so they loaded all they phones with just stock apps and without any duplicate apps like it used to happen in some phones. So, ZTE Team, don't waste your time building apps that are already built and very well, you just have to make a few adjustments and it'll work on the Axon 7 flawlessly. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
    PS. If you keep the apps in the Axon 7 Oreo update, then try to implement some animations and Material Design philosophy as those apps from ZTE lack any type of animation and material design. It makes a huge difference in the experience because those apps look like they were built for Android 4.0.

    Hope this feedback of the last year of having the Axon 7 comes in handy and hope you address these concerns as they are coming from a customer. :D


    Jose Beltran

  • One more bonus thing that could really use some improvement is the language. I don't know about the other languages, but there are many incorrect expressions for English in the ZTE apps or the UI parts that have been developed by ZTE.
    It would be nice if you could check the texts with a good translator or something. Keep doing a good job guys.