Android 8 is just around the corner!

  • illumi241

    Added the Label 1.3B02
  • illumi241

    I just decided to go without my SD card in my AXON 7, since I realized that I don't use that much storage.

    My AXON 7 is so much faster now, without the SD card, and everything else just works flawlessly :):thumbup:

    I've backed up all of my data on my PC and on my SD card :)

    If a bug fix update comes, then maybe I'll start using my SD card in my AXON 7 again :)

  • Yes, save all your data (basically copy your entire SD Card to an external storage like your PC or Laptop) and format it as an SD Card (not as an internal storage if you get what I mean). Solved my problems at least. And then ofc copy everything back to your SD Card.

  • Thank you for the Oreo Update.

    2 Questions / remarks

    - will be also Android Pie available on Axon 7 ?

    - I want to report a problem : since the Oreo update, I have sound quality issues while activating the Dolby application, the sound quality drops with a lot of noice interferences espacially while listening to voice only tracks (Films / Podcast / Youtube video).

    Thank you.

  • Pie will definitely not come for the Axon 7 on the Official Road.

    It will be more about an alternative Custom Rome provided but there you should talk to the guys from XDA developers.

    The sound problem should be solved by a wipe cache partition.

  • I just checked the compatibility of Axon 7 under Oreo with the Google Treble project (allowing faster and regular updates of the OS). This function/new architecture was implement on Android since Oreo. It seems that ZTE til now on choose not to implement it. CAn we hope on a coming version of Oreo for ZTE which includes this great function ?