Happy new year!

  • We wish you a happy and successful new year 2018 :)

    Our new year's resolutions are to further improve this community to give you the best experience possible and to keep you informed about new devices or updates from ZTE.

    For Axon 7 users the new year will bring Android 8 even with a new stock based UI, ZTE will reportedly announce a Blade V9 device as a successor of the Blade V8 and I think we should also see the successor of the Axon 7, which could be called Axon 9.

    We will also see Smartphones with the Snapdragon 845 throughout 2018 (hopefully also from ZTE) and maybe even some Laptops using ARM based SoCs as a processor instead Intel CPUs.

    Aside from this, we thank you for your support so far and we hope that we will see you this year again :)
    Also a big thanks to ZTE and especially William Guo for helping us out and listening as well as responding to the feedback and questions from zte users in Europe or even throughout the world.

    I hope you all had a great start into the new year :)

  • Couldn't have said it much better, thank you! [emoji6]

    I'm glad to be part of Z-Union and also I'm glad to own an Axon 7. The best community for the best smartphone. [emoji106]

    I also wish a great and successful new year to all of you.

    Let's rock 2018 together! [emoji3]

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  • I wish all members a happy new year. And hope for another good cooperation with them. :)

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