Axon 7 Problems with MVNO settings

  • William Guo

    There is one thong that annots me a bit currently. After a boot, entering sim pin and unlocking the device i get a list of numbers and have to choose one to continue starting, i have seen this dialog on other devices, but it shows a list of the provider and his virtual provider networks. i am not sure if this has any effect, but i would like to know what i have to choose. I guess this is just a missing or incomplete list somewhere... see this screenshot for more:…7-12-23-13-08-18.jpg?dl=0

  • It seems that the virtual provider is not listed in the corresponding xml file.
    As it is Austria, I remember to have read somewhere that Austrian apn settings are often not automatically set correctly.
    Sometimes mvno has to be added manually as well.
    If apn settings are right and complete and the apn is set as standard, this popup shouldn't turn up any more.

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    You are right, i had to manually set apn settings before b08 iirc, but b08 and b09 had them set correctly i think.

    So you should have a look at your apn settings again.
    Maybe simply the mvno-type and mvno-number are simply not set.
    You will find both at the bottom of each apn setting
    Or you have three apns and have to set one as standard.
    And maybe call your provider to clarify which numbers to choose for which service.
    With most providers you find different apn settings for prepaid/wap, mms and web.

  • So i just tried to reset the network settings, this results in only an mms apn for my provider but with a strange name 0677mms, deleting this results in apn settings for telering, which is the wrong vpn provider, i do use hot... there is definitely something wrong in the apn.conf file, but i am not rooted so cant check...

    Also there is one thing that annoys me a bit about the theme, i have reported it a long time ago to the ztemobile forum, there is a lot of wasted space in the notification shade, bitween the date and the quick settings tiles, and it would be great if hiting the time/date there would open the clock app, which btw would be better if it was google clock. Sorry for the sepua tint, thats twilight app...

  • Tele.ring, HoT and 0667mms are either the same company or corporation based on T-Mobile services.
    MVNO network business is often a little confusing.
    You should really ask HoT about your three different numbers and the right apn settings.

    0677 is hot, telering is another vpn on the same network. Originally there is only the mms apn, only if i remove it i get both, web and mms apn, but from telering, the wrong vpn provider. If i want hot apn i would have to delete telerong as well and ad hot manually

    Splitting this conversation from the oreo thread since it got a bit longer now :)

    that confused me for a moment... ;-)

  • Hi,

    can you please tell me the APN settings for Hot Austria -- > this is exactly my issue that I need to add something somewhere but the HoT Hotline/settings from their homepage are not helping :(