To William Guo about A2017GV.1.2.0B09

  • A2017GV.1.2.0B09 has been available for download for a while, but I haven't gotten it OTA like all my other updates, up till A2017GV.1.2.0B08.

    Here is a quote from a thread in this forum about A2017GV.1.2.0B09.

    "The new update does not yet have the Daydream certification so it is only published to countries which don't need it for now."

    So my questions are:
    When will it be certified?, and why doesn't ZTE just push out only security patches, until we get the Oreo update?

    I would think security patches are more important by them selves, instead of of a new build with a new security patch every time.

    I mean, if it is only the security patch, it wouldn't need any certification, would it?

    I'm waiting for Oreo just like everyone else, so in my opinion, security patches are more important than new Nougat builds, until we get Oreo.

    Thank you :-)

  • Yes, Security patches is priority N:1
    Daydream, it is needed, many invested in this device because daydream VR option.

    -Very good view on the matter "DK666" security patches is more desireable/preferred than new build.
    i agree.

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