Z-Union changes - 7.-8. January

  • Hello to our Z-Union members and guests,

    As I've written in the new year's post, we are always trying to give you the best possible experience with out community.

    In our opinion that is not given with the current mobile view of the community, especially when the most of our visitors are visiting our forums using mobile devices. That seems quite logical, when you consider that this is a community about mobile devices ;)

    We attempted to use a new mobile theme, which would've been much better than the current one, but it never was fully functional with our current version of mybb in combination with our Plugins.

    Other points that where not good enough are for example the like system, which couldn't show likes for one post specifically, and the quoting system, which doesn't allow partly quotes out of the text selection.
    On top of that, there was no announcement system which could be used to display messages on every page, like the one I "hacked" into the top of the desktop page.

    So since we did not really find suitable solutions for mybb, we decided that we need to switch to another solution.

    For now we have decided to switch to WCS + WCF (Woltlab Community Suite + Woltlab Community Forum).
    It has nearly everything we need, including a much more modern responsive design with mobile view, a better like system, partly quotes and much more.

    Currently we are still testing the new software internally and will switch to it, when we are ready.
    During the switch we need to shut down the current version of the community, since we need to import the content from the current forums.
    It is possible to migrate the most important content forums, threads, replies, likes, attachments, users and also smileys, although the new ones look a bit more modern :D

    So we hope that we can hugely improve the user experience, especially when visiting the community with mobile devices.

    At this point we would also thank ZTE for helping us out and sponsoring us the license, without them this change would not be possible.

    If all goes well, we will switch our software from 7. January to 8. January. An this time the current community will first be put into a read only mode and then, after we have imported and checked everything :)

    Looking forward seeing you in our future version,
    Best regards in behalf of the Z-Union Team,