Display uniformity issue,check if your affected

  • Hello

    it seems i lost the display lottery, i got bad panel on my A7...
    see attachment

    You can check if you have bad panel here (Oled Banding test) https://www. youtube.com/ watch?v=dP4vEGREGD4 Skip to 1:28 To gray scale

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  • Me too, I've got only $25 refund ( but mine is a really noticeable temperature gradient especially visible on white and gray...

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    Amazon shipped me already replacement instantly.
    Well that was resolved quickly... Now i need to ship current device back to Germany.

    - i sent them mail, and like 5 mins later they shipped a replacement :D

    Lets hope new unit wont have same problem and that i will be able to ship it back.


  • Update 1.8.2018

    I got my replacement today from amazon, Yes,Display is little better,yes.

    But the funny thing is,instead of reddish tint, i now have greenish/yellowish tint spots.

    Left side is fine but right side is more warmer, "blue starts to look green" is what i mean...

    Simply little better,but not how it should be. Less smooth panel "more motionblur,most noticeable in VR"

    TL;DR- Replacement came, Is better now yes, but still B grade panel with different issue...

    I will just keep this one. If i knew replacement is no better, i would not have asked for a replacement...

    Oh well.