Axon 7 Stopped Charging when on

  • I had my axon 7 for over a year now, but just started experiencing a charging issue. When the device is on and I plug in to charge, it simply doesn't receive a current to charge. But when I shut off the device and plug it in, it charges and then when I turn on the phone with the cable still plugged in, it continues charging. What gives? I'm assuming it's a 3rd party application gone rouge because I switched chargers and none of them seem to can I get to boot into safe mode to test it when the phone is on...and any ideas of which apps or processes can be the cause of this problem?

  • Hi Awesome Avi ,

    Please try to wipe the cache in recovery mode, if that doesn't work create a backup and try a factory reset.

    You can enter the recovery mode when powering the phone one while holding the "Volume up" key and then pressing the power key. Release the "Volume up" key as soon as the ZTE Logo appears.

    In the recovery mode, you can use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and confirm the selection using the power button.

    That way you can rule out that apps are causing this issue.

    If it still doesn't charge when powered on, I would suggest to send it in and have it checked by the support center.