Perfect Phone

  • What would (by todays standards) a perfect phone for a reasonable price look like for you?

    I personally would like to see the following specs:

    • Snapdragon 845
    • 1440p AMOLED Display
    • Dual SIM + MicroSD (not a combo slot)
    • Headphone Jack
    • RGB Notification LED
    • Backlit capacitive navigation keys (or onscreen if its a borderless widescreen phone)
    • Fingerprint Sensor (maybe built in under the display for a bezelless phone
    • at least 64GB Storage (maybe 128GB - 256GB would be even better :) )

    I might also choose to trade the capacitive buttons with a 18-19:9 aspect ratio and an finger print sensor included into the display. Just because this is a really cool technology in my opinion :)

  • The same as the AXON 7 - A2017G, with some upgrades.

    *Not an upgrade, but important cause I live in Denmark: 800MHz LTE/4G.

    *Backlit capacitive navigation buttons.

    *Snapdragon 845 CPU.

    *6-8GB RAM.

    *Better fingerprint scanner.

    *Better front-facing stereo speakers, to reclaim the crown from the Razor Phone ;)

    *128GB of internal storage + SD card slot.

    *NO notch! I repeat!: NO notch!!