Z-Union Dark Theme now available for everyone

  • Since the dark theme has been tested for a while now and so far there wasn't any negative feedback, I've made it available to every registered member using our community.

    In my opinion the dark theme is much more eye friendly. As a positive side effect, it might even save you some battery juice if you are using it on an AMOLED device, like the Axon 7. It also doesn't only affect the forums but the whole page, so you can also read our articles with a dark background. The next step might maybe be something in between black and white as background, like grey ;)

    If you have any suggestions, as always, feel free to comment and share your thoughts :)

    P.S. you can enable the dark theme using the settings by clicking / tapping on your avatar and using Settings -> General. There you can select "Z-Union Dark" in the styles selection.

    Some more screenshots: