Google Daydream

  • Do you like the Google Daydream Feature?
    If yes which are your most used apps and games?

    For example I am really interested in such things because its really future-related.

    Best Games: Nfs, MontanaVr, City Traffic Control, JetmanVr, Eclipse, Arcslinger

    Best Apps: NextVr, YoutubeVR, AltspaceVr,

    :cool: :cool:

  • I've not as yet used DayDream, have used VR on my old phone with a Google Cardboard headset which was OK.

    Do you need a specific headset for instance?

    You need the Google Daydream Headset to use the Daydream Feature you cant use it with othe vr glasses because you must connect the controller via Bluetooth to your phone and its a must for the games. I have seen some alternatives too like the bobo vr z5 but never tested it so I cant give you any feedback.

    i didn't use the headset because i can't buy it in Tunisia any one wanna donate he's one hhh? i all ready install Eclipse but i didn't play it yeat

    You cant find it second hand too? I live in Germany and we can buy it in telekom and Google stores but they are also available in ebay ect. and second hand items should cost a bit less but probably yojr shipping cost would be high i think.