Android O

  • Would you like to receive Android 8 for your Axon 7? If so, in what way? 37

    1. Android 8 with Mifavor 5.2 (19) 51%
    2. Android 8 with Mifavor 4 (1) 3%
    3. Android 8 without MIfavor (17) 46%
    4. Security Updates are enough (0) 0%
    5. I don't care (0) 0%

    Do you think the Axon 7 will get the Android O update?
    or at least would you be happy if the Axon 7 would get it and in which new features from Android O are you interested in?

    Let us know your opinion about this topic, thanks ::)

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  • hey evry one, for me it well be stupid from ZTE to neglect Axon7 from this update.
    All devloper and big company waiting for this major update to emprove a lot off RAM use and a big transfomation of space use.
    the O should come soon and in axon7 that's for shure

  • Quote from "ko_wei13" pid='433' dateline='1502433493'

    With the hardware spec of the Axon 7, it will be able to support Android P. :)

    Sure, but it depends on ZTE if it will really get it. If not from ZTE we would need custom ROMs for that. I would like to see official Android O support. The ZTE ROM might not be perfect but it runs pretty stable and smooth in my opinion and in comparison to some other stock ROMs.

    They still really need to add the quick settings api and maybe fix the Bluetooth bug and the reception bug some are having tough. If not Android OS then I hope we will at least get support with security updates for a while.

  • So, about that Android O. Web says it has ability to choose audio codecs/modes. Is it really usefull feature while I miss things like aptX with bt headphones or is this just lack of hardware in Axon 7 because sound isn't as good as it was in bt headphones with former HTC One?

  • Sony's apt-X is integrated in Android 8, since they donated it to android, and its said to have a superior audio quality over bluetooth.
    Another available audio codec available with Android 8 is LDAC.
    However I don't know if every device with android 8 will automatically have apt-x and/or LDAC enabled :(

  • Thanks for answer.
    Sounds great. Maybe at least with custom roms it would be available. It would still be nice to see it officially though.
    Htc One with aptX and Viper4Android was just much better so Axon 7 has been bit disappointing with bt audio quality and I don't like wires.
    But I might wait till warranty is over before rooting so going with B05.

  • I'm not sure which features would we get with MiFavor 5.2 or which ones would we loose if current MiFavor would be removed? I don't won't iPhone style menu (without app drawer) but new features/options are always good.

  • The Axon 7 could be updated to 8.0 Oreo and still have many good features that ZTE could implement without MiFavor being used at all. ZTE carrier phones here in the States use a close to stock Android build with ZTE customizations and from comparing the unlocked Axon 7 to the ZTE ZMax Pro, there are not many differences that I noticed with the exception of MiFavor UI and the MiPop feature which contains the DT2W feature.. I would personally like the option to choose between a close to stock Android build or a MiFavor version as they both have their strong points and both have their own weaknesses..