Z-Community is Going Global

  • Aerospaceman announced, that the Z-Community which is currently maintained from ZTE USA is going to open up for global devices and customers. They will also change the domain for their community soon, probably to something without zteusa.com. It seems that ZTE is planning to go even further in terms of globalization:

    These are just the beginning phases of our globalization rollout and we are prepared to make adjustments along the way to optimize meaningful user interactions. This will provide us the time to review feedback in a digestible manner.

    I hope this will also mean, that we maybe can expect a common firmware for our devices in the future and I am curious what they've planned. It is great to see that ZTE is going for globalization now. Our community will of course continue to be available for you and we will also stay in contact with ZTE in the future :)

    Source: https://community.zteusa.com/d…community-is-going-global