Poll: Simplify our Forum Structure?

  • Use labels instead of sub-forums for devices? 5

    1. Yes (3) 60%
    2. No (1) 20%
    3. Don't care (1) 20%

    Dear Z-Union Community,

    as you might know, we are always trying to optimize our community for you, but this of course doesn't work without some feedback from the actual users :)

    Currently we've the following structure in our mobile phones section:


    • Device Custom ROMs & Modding
    • Device Accessories

    Since the sub-forums aren't used as much as the main forums, especially on non Axon 7 devices, I thought it could maybe be better to have the content moved into the device forums instead and add an ROM, Mod and Accessories label, so you can filter for specific topics or just see everything at once while the most recent active threads are on top.

    I think this could be better usable, especially when there are more devices coming in the future like the Blade V9.

    Additional changes to be considered: Remove the forum "App Development" in our Android OS section, because it is rarely used.

    We would appreciate your opinion in this matter. If you want to explain your opinion, feel free to comment in this thread :)

    If you have other suggestions which might be unrelated to these changes, feel free to use our Feedback forum.

    For Tapatalk users: Since Tapatalk doesn't support polls, you need to open this thread as a web page. A disadvantage for Tapatalk users would also be, that Tapatalk afaik does not support labels, so filtering is not as easy as on the web version.

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