To admins: Add Axon 7s forum

  • The Axon doesn't differ much from the Axon 7. Also it is as far as I know only available for the Chinese Market, so I would assume it isn't widely spread in the rest of the world.

    I would assume that we wouldn't see many discussions about it in this community.

    However, if more people think there is a necessity of adding a separate section for the Axon 7s, we can do it :)

    For now I would suggest to use the forum "Other ZTE Devices".

  • illumi241

    Changed the title of the thread from “To admins” to “To admins: Add Axon 7s forum”.
  • I added a new label category to the forum "Other ZTE Devices".

    It is now possible to select between a few phones including the Axon 7s, so it can be filtered by device.

    If devices are missing, feel free to inform us or just post something related to a missing device without a device tag and we will add it :)

  • illumi241

    Added the Label Declined