Better visibility of unread content and GDPR

  • Hello to our community,

    I made some minor changes today, that you may or may not have noticed. I think it is still useful, to inform you about the changes.

    Unread Badges

    Threads which have unread content are now marked by a little red badge in the lower left corner of the user avatar. Before they where only marked with a bold heading. It should now be easier to see new / unread content in threads.

    Jump to unread content

    So far, if you have opened a thread from the thread list in a forum, it linked to the first post. From now on, you will be redirected to the first unread post. Thanks FadeFX for this suggestion :)


    As a preparation for the european GDPR, the Gravatar integration has been disabled. Tapatalk will most likely follow, I am currently looking into alternatives like native push notifications.

    In addition to that, external image sources are now blocked in this community. Please use attachments to share your pictures or screenshots.

  • Image embedding from external sources disabled

    Some of you may already have noticed, that it is no longer possible to embed images from external sources. Since the GDPR requires us to inform you about which data is sent to which provider, which is impossible if everyone uses another image host or sources for images. You can still use the attachment function and embed attached images into your post, since they are hosted by us on our servers. I've just raised the file limit of attachments to 5MB instead of 2MB, so you can also upload some higher resolution pictures.

    I would suggest to use the thumbnail to embed larger images, because some users might have limited traffic or slow internet connections. Thumbnails are small previews of the original image.