ZTE Stock Music Player

  • hi,

    I stumbled upon ZTE app's at APKMIRROR by accident. These are in APK format and can be downloaded for free.

    Among them is the APK of the ZTE Stock Music Player in a more recent version than ours.

    When I install the APK the error message "The package conflicts with a file with the same name"

    I have also downloaded a more up-to-date Gallery apk and I could easily install it as an update of the existing one.

    Can someone give me a hint why that could be?

    I am not gerooted.

  • Well... Hi again. :D We've just talked about the stock player over at the PowerAmp forum, and you've mentioned this updated apk from APKMIRROR. (I've decided to continue our talk here, and not to clutter the forum over at poweramp)

    Needless to say, I've reached the same brick wall as you. There is no way to remove the stock app in order to install the updated one. I've tried this as well: https://forum.xda-developers.c…existing-package-t3710240

    Renaming and everything... Doesn't work... Have you found any solutions? If not, then maybe we should ask in XDA... I really don't wanna deal with rooting and such stuff...

    (also, on an unrelated note, I've noticed that the guy who uploaded these apps is Igor Eisberg. Is that THE Egor Eisberg? The AudioBudget guy? Is the world small or what? :D )

  • I think the only option is ROOT.

    Unless a miracle happens and we get OREO OTA.

    Otherwise, XDA is the last hope

  • Hey. A small update. I've managed to install this apk using "App Cloner" (it worked flawlessly lol), but.....

    What I saw was even more atrocious than I could've imagined (what we currently have is a blessing in comparison). ;(:D:D I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. In short: pretty much nothing has changed in terms of features (we have new sorting option, which is waaait foooor it..... time ^^) We have shuffle mode on, Dolby icon that works, but the design is... well... I wanted to poke my eyeballs out. It lists ALL folders together alphabetically, so pretty much nothing has changed. Settings are as bare-bones as ever.

    My guess is, this is some sort of generic ZTE player, not necessarily for our AXON 7 phones. There was no Icon on the player anywhere for "Super HiFi" mode, and the sound quality OMG.... It sounded worse than anything I've ever heard. It was noisy, super dark(muffled) for some reason... Now, something could've broke during the cloning (as the dev of that app has stated), but I don't think this is the case. Anyway... I've removed it immediately. I have some screenshots bellow for laughs... :D

    (As for my quest of finding a player that works as it should, I can 100% confirm that USB Audio Player Pro works [it is also stated that it's comatable with the Axon7's DAC]. No difference between the def player, in terms of quality. It has the soundstage, the layering, everything. It's expensive though. There is a trial version here, but it's limited to a few songs and short use time, so if you wanna test it, be prepared with a song or 2 that you know well. Also, the DEVs of that app post there, so there is direct communication with them.)

  • After the new POWERAMP ver. 705/706/790 not as hoped, come to the sound quality of the STOCK PLAYER ran.

    POWERAMP has its own DSP our AXON 7 but also (AK 4961 DSP CODEC). The POWERAMP DSP can not be bypassed and the signal goes from PA DSP to AK 4961 DSP to OUTPUT AK 4490 DAC. In another method, the AK 4961 DSP is ignored.

    These are the reasons why PA does not reach the high quality.

    Did I reinstall the current NEUTRON PLAYER? Enable 64bit mode and set resampling to AUDIOPHIL. EQUALIZER on OFF and everything that somehow influences the SOUND must be OFF. If you activate in the AUDIO HARDWARE settings of NEUTRON GENERIC DRIVER (use internal HI RES codec) and set the frequency to 192kHz then the NEUTRON PLAYER has the same sound quality as the STOCK PLAYER.