Axon 7 Mini (B2017G) Stock Camera Keeps Crashing, Can't Seem To Find A Solution!

  • Hello all!

    I'm new! Well, ZTE has had quite the rollercoaster!! I am a happy (UK, A2017G) Axon 7 user, and bought my mum the Mini (B2017G) - of course getting Android update download links for her was a challenge, but I sourced them here download links here - taking me up to 7.1.1, B09.

    I will point out that the (stock) Camera was quickly tested and I deleted a few snaps, ready for me to hand over to my mum, before I installed any apps and inserted her SIM/MicroSD card.

    The stock Camera now keeps crashing!! The screen goes black and it says, "Camera has stopped - Open app again". I had to format her MicroSD card before use - I set up the stock Camera to save to MicroSD. Unfortunately I can't change the settings to change it back to internal memory!

    I tried deleting Cache and Data for the stock Camera - no luck. I even reverted back to factory settings (6.0.1), still crashing!

    I've tried other camera apps Camera Zoom FX, and Camera FV-5, which saves to Internal Memory by default - the lens displays my surroundings and doesn't go black, with both apps - but when I try to take a picture both freeze.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Is it the Android updates, the memory card or is the Camera faulty?

    Please help, my mum is getting very frustrated as she loves taking pictures on her phone!

    PS: I did see a weird issue on Google where the stock Camera crashed because of a Banking app - I did actually install one on my mum's phone (not set up properly or anything) - tried uninstalling but the bug remains.

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