AXON 9 PRO has seen the light of day today.

  • What we have all been waiting for so much (besides the OREO update) has finally happened today. The wait came to an end today at 16 clock that AXON 9 PRO was introduced to us.

    Incidentally, there is an OTA update for the AXON 7, no, not OREO, but the B12 which prepares the AXON 7 for the OREO update. I am firmly assumed that here really goes the post until the server surrenders.

    Amazingly, there is nothing going on here. If you all at the IFA since to experience the AXON 9 Premiere Live then I can understand that. Other reasons rather not.

    So dear Z Union community what is your impression of the long-awaited successor of the AXON 7. I am interested in your opinion and your impression of the AXON 9 PRO.

    Please pop me your opinion around the ears because only on the I value.

  • I am not yet at the IFA, but tomorrow I will be there to experience the Axon 9 Pro live :)

    I am planning to write an article about it, as soon as I can get my hands on one.

    If you have any questions about the Axon 9 Pro, I can also try to get answers for them :)

    So far I am disappointed, that they didn't keep the headphone jack and that there are no front firing speakers. Also the display sounds like a downgrade spec wise in my opinion, it has HDR10 but it doesn't have 2k like the Axon 7. I don't know yet how this turns out.

    The other specs sound great, especially the 4000mAh battery.

    But as I said, I will be at IFA and I will inform you about my experiences with the Axon 9 Pro.

  • My focus is just as on the A7 solely on the audio quality.

    At the A7 it was the two AKM sound chips that made my purchase decision very easy. So far I have not been able to find anything about the sound chip or chips of the A9 Pro. Therefore, my hope lies on you and I hope that you can possibly give me some info from first. And of course the Oreo update. I look forward to your report from the IFA and wish you much fun.

  • Thanks, illumi!

    Too bad, but the fact that the focus of the AXON 9 PRO is not like the predecessor on the sound reproduction, it will be uninteresting for me. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to how the phone will assert itself against the top dogs. It is top equipped and has some extras that set it apart from the competition. The focus this time was clearly put from audio to video and you can look forward to the release.