Oreo SD Card Bug/Problem

  • I have this this problem, after updating to Oreo.

    Everytime I restart my AXON 7, it says that it has registered a new SD card, and I have to set it up again, every time I restart.

    Has anyone got a solution for this problem?

    I have formated it on my AXON 7, and on my PC afterwards, but the problem still remains.

    I did remove my SD card before updating, as it told me to.

    I'm not gonna format it as internal storage.

    Others also have this problem/bug.

    I didn't have this problem until Oreo.

    Please help!, because it's driving me insane...


    Oh yeah.

    I also gave it a factory reset, but it still has the problem...


    One more thing.

    It registers the SD card as "A", instead of "SD card from Toshiba", as it did before the Oreo update.


    I don't know if this has something to do with my SD card problem, but since I got the SD card (from B05 to B12 I think), my AXON 7 registered the SD card as 116GB, but after the Oreo update, it registers it as 125GB.

    Strange actually :/

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  • I Have exactly the same problem..

    And need help.

    and about formatting as an internal storage is not an option for me. I need to frequently use it outside my phone.

    You can format it as an external storage, basically deletes everything (backup ezpz) and then you paste it on the SD card again. It also renames the SD card which doesn't change anything.

  • i seem to be lucky with the update, audio is fine, sdcard as well, only the battery stuff makes me crazy and thinking of doing a factory reset to see if this fixes it. However i have watched this behaviour even before the oreo update, but not before the 'preparation update' so this could be a software issue or a hardware problem as well. Has anyone tried a factory reset and still has that problem with sudden drops to 0% and shutdown while after a reboot there is ~30% left?

  • Here is a short review about SD card.

    I had one since the beginning

    Samsung Pro 64 Gb Micro SD in my Axon 7, until the update to Oreo, this was actually optimal.

    Since the Oreo update, it is indeed possible to integrate the SD card into the internal memory.

    Apparently, the performance of my Samsung SD card has not met the minimum requirements to work properly.

    I was able to use them, but the capacity was not displayed correctly and although 128 Gb of memory was available I could actually use only 64 Gb.

    After a long research, I decided to invest a few € in a new Micro SDXC card.

    I've bought a Sandisk Extreme SDXC 128 Gb and no more problems.

    The capacity is displayed correctly and the best my Axon 7 has received an unexpectedly noticeable performance boost.

    The Sandisk Micro SD card has an A1 label which gives it the necessary performance to boost performance.

    Maybe this can help one or the other to eliminate the "Oreo SD card bug".