Do you remember the AXON 9 Pro, ZTE?

  • My dad's Sony Xperia XZ Premium that's over 2 years old, as in it was launched in February 2017, got the May 2019 security patch, yet my AXON 9 Pro is still on the March 2019 security patch.

    I quite frankly find this unacceptable, and think that ZTE should get their shit together damn soon!

    Have ZTE forgotten about the AXON 9 Pro, because they are too busy f'n around with the AXON 10 Pro?


  • Yesterday my friend who has a OnePlus 6, told me that he's also on the May 2019 security patch.

    Just chehked my AXON 9 Pro, and still no updates.

    I'm still on the March 2019 security patch...

    Really ZTE? Really?

    Seriously ZTE. I chose the AXON 9 Pro, over the OnePlus 6...

    This is my second ZTE smartphone (first being the AXON 7), and I'm left behind on security patches, on my AXON 9 Pro...

    This really sucks! :cursing:

  • i think that's maybe because th Axon 9 was not a "best seller" as the Axon 7 was that's why you don't have it at the moment, look the number of Axon 9 that was sold and the number of OnePlus 6 and you will understand c: