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    This night i lose twenty percent of my battery while switch off my phone wtf is this update ????

    Please observe this after a few battery cycles, maybe the battery needs calibration after the update. It shouldn't consume energy while turned off...

    Same finding : since the latest Oreo Update, Battery defintily drops much quicker than before : 5 min of Youtube = 10 % battery less !!!

    Does it drop constantly or does it suddenly drop from 10 to 5?

    The first one would be consumption related, the second one might be a display bug.

    Discussion of article ZTE Axon 9 Pro:

    ZTE is back! After long lasting difficulties due to the US trade embargo, ZTE presented its new flagship at the IFA 2018 in Berlin. We took a closer look at the device for you. Very important for us were the points picture quality, sound quality and of course the performance. Back in 2016, with the Axon 7, ZTE was able to deliver a great device for that time. Can the Axon 9 Pro keep up here as a worthy successor and competitor of current top smartphones?

    Diskussion zum Artikel ZTE Axon 9 Pro:

    ZTE ist zurück! Nach langanhaltenden Schwierigkeiten durch das US Handelsembargo hat ZTE in Berlin auf der IFA 2018 sein neues Flaggschiff vorgestellt. Wir haben uns das Gerät für euch näher angeschaut. Besonders wichtig waren uns hierbei die Punkte Bildqualität, Soundqualität und natürlich die Performance. Gerade hier hatte ZTE 2016 mit dem Axon 7 bereits gut vorgelegt. Kann das Axon 9 Pro hier als würdiger Nachfolger und Konkurrent aktueller Top-Smartphones mithalten?

    I solved the audio problems. The solution is relatively simple, I have formatted the SD card so that this is recognized as a device memory.

    Then the apps I use for music playback migrated to the SD card. The device then restarted and ready.

    Now I have the usual Axon 7 AKM sound that blows my head away.

    This is weird... Thanks for the update though

    yeah its that ^^"

    Sadly there is no dark version of it. For now you can use other Launchers like Nova Launcher to get a dark app drawer.

    The Hi-Fi mode doesnt work for me, and i search everywhere to set the background of the "big folder" in black but i dont find the way to ... any ideas ?

    What do you mean by "big folder"? Do you mean the app drawer which you get by swiping up?

    5. Also expected to have some fingerprint reader gestures available. Didn't deliver.

    According to my information, that is not possible with the installed sensor. It doesn't support gestures.

    I will forward the other issues / suggestions though.

    no music playback in Hi Res 24bit 96 / 192kHz.

    Everything is up or downsampled to 16bit 48kHz.

    Is hifi sound enabled in the settings? Does this happen in other apps too? I don't use Poweramp but I will forward this issue.

    I am not yet at the IFA, but tomorrow I will be there to experience the Axon 9 Pro live :)

    I am planning to write an article about it, as soon as I can get my hands on one.

    If you have any questions about the Axon 9 Pro, I can also try to get answers for them :)

    So far I am disappointed, that they didn't keep the headphone jack and that there are no front firing speakers. Also the display sounds like a downgrade spec wise in my opinion, it has HDR10 but it doesn't have 2k like the Axon 7. I don't know yet how this turns out.

    The other specs sound great, especially the 4000mAh battery.

    But as I said, I will be at IFA and I will inform you about my experiences with the Axon 9 Pro.

    ZTE Germany published this FAQ today on their facebook page:

    So it should go on soon :)

    ZTE Deutschland hat auf Facebook die folgenden Informationen veröffentlicht:

    Es sollte also bald weiter gehen :)