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    A better signal reception.
    Can they just increase the strength of data mobile like it was on marshmallow when they launched the phone.
    Since nougat in France for myself and many others users we notice a bad network quality.
    After each update patched on my device I still notice network issue even changing 3 times of carriers.
    And this is not the first time that I request a help a fix for it.
    Many thanks if we can access to something.
    Maybe have an always on display like others manufacturers.
    I really like this phone, but so desperate and disappointed time after time with the reception.
    At the beginning I was enthusiastic of my investment don't make us regret the alternative with this company.

    I have Both issues sometimes I notice a weak signal inside building that wasn't happened with marshmallows.
    Most of the time in unstable signal like you have jumping from 2g to 3g to 4g. And weirder when I'm in 4g+ the debit is slower than 4g even 3g.
    My carrier is sosh/orange

    Hi there
    I really enjoy the phone but since nougat I've noticed some issues with the signal reception I've changed twice my sim card thinking it was the problem but not.
    Do you think that our dear devs can check to fix or improve for French users in the next update?
    Cheers fellows