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    It's actually rather decent compared to other manufacturers, plenty of updates available even for models that are not brand new. Only issue really is the fragmentation of sub-types on a same model.

    Purenexus is almost perfect, only thing I have found is that in app cams (for fb messenger mainly for me) do not work, so I have to use open cam and just post from gallery. Apart from that, fast, fluid, and immensely flexible

    I tend to dl a lot, and give up after 10 minutes. No time for casual stuff, and in depth ones are way better on a pc. Only one that gas styck so far is RR3, simply as I use it as a test for coordination

    Nova prime, having played with tons of others, always go back to it. Best compromise between speed/reliability/customisation

    Just wanted to start the ball rolling. If you've made the move away from stock, what are you running?
    For me, it's PureNexus, which has the best reliability and tweakability ratio of them all.

    Well, really more a case of checking if I could post a thread than anything, but I'll start. I'm Tor, from the UK, and I work as a troubleshooter for a large tech company. I use a few phones, of which a 2017g is one. (on the latest purenexus, but on occasion reflash stock to see where it's going)