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    Well, there's the new update we should be getting this week.
    It has been confirmed to have VoLTE support and the October security patch (Blueborne vulnerability fixed).
    The rest "they can't talk about". I'm hoping to see the Quick Settings Tiles API, which was implemented in the B32 update for the U model.
    Other than that, I think we already have a complete, almost bug-free Nougat build.
    The logical next step would be Oreo, but I must say that I'll be satisfied if we get continued support for Google security patches on Nougat.

    It's certainly an interesting concept, I'd give a device like that a try.
    But my feelings are that even "unfolded" the screen would be still too small to do anything productive (except text editing) on it.

    I would love to see the event go like:
    "Hey everybody, look at our new shiny foldable smartphone... Oh, and one more thing. I almost forgot. We're starting the Android O beta for the Axon 7, maybe, just maybe, some of you are interested."

    The problem happened to me only twice, two days in a row.

    One evening I put my phone down on the desk with the camera app left open, after a while I suddenly hear the lens hitting the glass continuously (the same *click* you hear when you launch the camera app). I instantly knew what it was and quickly grabbed my phone and locked the screen.
    The next day the camera worked just like it should, when I got home I was taking photos of some documents, when my camera started vibrating again. Once again I quickly closed the app and when I returned everything was OK.

    Luckily this was 2 weeks ago, haven't came across the problem since then and I'm using the camera daily.

    (I'm running B05, if anybody's wondering)

    It's not a bug, that's how it is implemented.
    As powerful as the Snapdragon 820 is, it seems that it's not quite powerful enough to real-time encode a 5952x3348 image to 1080p60, so it crops in and has much less pixels to work with.

    Not sure if anybody follows the /r/Axon7 subreddit, but one of the beta testers of the US model has leaked that Oreo is indeed in development for the Axon.
    The US model won't get MiFavor 5 either, and yet it might get Oreo. I'll stay positive about us getting Oreo without MiFavor 5, as well.

    Well, if ZTE ever plans to tell us about Android O for their last year's devices, then now would be the time.

    I guess that they will also announce a new flagship, probably a new Axon.