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    For me, I like the B04,BUT....

    Battery drain....oh my, ho horrible battery life.

    Just got a replacement unit,flashed Nougat B12 from MM then OTA B02 Oreo, then Via Mem card B04.

    Battery is not good, on Brand new device... i noticed, on stand by, Offline airplane mode,loses like 5% an hour or standby mode? no backround apps..

    id wish to know,how to revert back to B12N/B9 Nougat rom...

    EDIT: i just will do the Oreo to nougat Retreat update that i found on support page.

    So i found whats causing all the Battery drains... Have a look.

    Update 1.8.2018

    I got my replacement today from amazon, Yes,Display is little better,yes.

    But the funny thing is,instead of reddish tint, i now have greenish/yellowish tint spots.

    Left side is fine but right side is more warmer, "blue starts to look green" is what i mean...

    Simply little better,but not how it should be. Less smooth panel "more motionblur,most noticeable in VR"

    TL;DR- Replacement came, Is better now yes, but still B grade panel with different issue...

    I will just keep this one. If i knew replacement is no better, i would not have asked for a replacement...

    Oh well.


    Amazon shipped me already replacement instantly.
    Well that was resolved quickly... Now i need to ship current device back to Germany.

    - i sent them mail, and like 5 mins later they shipped a replacement :D

    Lets hope new unit wont have same problem and that i will be able to ship it back.


    Yes, Security patches is priority N:1
    Daydream, it is needed, many invested in this device because daydream VR option.

    -Very good view on the matter "DK666" security patches is more desireable/preferred than new build.
    i agree.

    I can recommend to disable assertive display in the screen settings

    yes, good ideas. assertive display off now. will test more now, in low lit room will test.

    I think this can be fixed easily by Disabling it on over 75% brightness if that will be done so in next updates.

    ill check back to share how it goes now (assertive display off)
    Here is some devs made their S7 edges better by simply tweaking Kernel Stuff.

    TL;DR - Yes,It is possible by Tweaks, to make it better, and reduce PWM (like make no PWM aover 75% brightness)
    ill try to forward this to LOS developers.

    Also yeah, Assertive display off and is slighty better i think,not sure.

    More testing i will do :D

    Happy to hear the good news!
    Very good ! The support of this device has been very good.

    -Yes,Camera Api2 to be Fully enabled, (so to have HDR+ with google camera app)
    -Making good usage of the DACs ,That it has for audio.

    There is some great feedback on this thread, all of them seems like really usefull stuff.
    member "squicky" says it all.


    My Axon 7 from GEARBEST just arrived.

    Do you know if I have to install every other updates from Android 6.0 to 7.1.1 before the latest?

    hi, it seems you just put the B4 or B8 update on the card and manually update, or so.

    Someone will correct and add more accurately the update process i hope.

    I hope they take care of the international G model too.

    -It would be amazing to see Camera2Api enabled fully in future, To have googles HDR+ function (it has very good advanced image processing)
    right now the downloaded app cannot use that function, because its not enabled on hardware level.

    Happy to hear that support continues :D
    Very good.

    Im happy to hear. Honesty is good and i value it. thank you for that.

    now, there is no rush for Oreo, better late and stable fully working, than early buggy broken,yeah, would you all agree?
    so yes,i hope the Devs take all the time they need, to make a Good ROM,stable android 8 Oreo.

    -yes more functionality for stock music player is a must, as others (players) do not support dac function,
    so no HI-FI on 3rd patry apps yet. (adding DAC "on/off" function maybe?)

    i dont think they will give pure android,no company does this other than Nokia. so thats 100%
    Yet,Option to choose 2 updates is too complicated for most users,agree what user -Wes- said, so option on internet download manually Stock android tuned for axon 7 would be amazing for the community members.

    ------TL;DR -No rush for Oreo, we can wait for stable working update. We can wait-------

    Yes, A better functionality on Player is a must, because other music players do not support DAC,so
    improve DAC usability (on/off) function or improve stock player. 2 ways

    why? well this is sold as great audio phone yeah,so thats why.
    imagine if ZTE would reach great community like 1+.

    i believe ZTE can deliver.