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    The Axon 7 could be updated to 8.0 Oreo and still have many good features that ZTE could implement without MiFavor being used at all. ZTE carrier phones here in the States use a close to stock Android build with ZTE customizations and from comparing the unlocked Axon 7 to the ZTE ZMax Pro, there are not many differences that I noticed with the exception of MiFavor UI and the MiPop feature which contains the DT2W feature.. I would personally like the option to choose between a close to stock Android build or a MiFavor version as they both have their strong points and both have their own weaknesses..

    The problem is people have to remember that these requests get filtered from -> ZTE community team -> ZTE USA & ZTE Global Enginerring -> ZTE USA & ZTE Global Management -> ZTE China Management -> ZTE China Engineering -> ZTE China Engineer or something along these lines.

    Also a lot can get lost in translation, and when the request is use Camera2 API, somewhere along the chain, someone is probably going to say "but we do...because we have to. What are they asking for?". And not getting what people actually are meaning/care about is the RAW and manual access, which only comes with the better two modes/full support...

    Thanks to TeutonJon78 (Reddit) for this info

    There is a common misconception that the Axon 7 does not support the Camera2 API. The Axon 7 has the Camera2 API already, it just has legacy mode. We need the Camera2 API partial or full mode and then our Axon 7's would be able to take full advantage of the Google Camera HDR+ mode.

    I think he means the A2017G, the global Version but I'm pretty sure that the US version will get it too.

    I was thinking he meant the A2017G considering this is an EU forum, but since nothing like this has been announced on Z-COMMUNITY or , I just thought I'd ask for clarification. Thanks for taking the time to respond, it's appreciated.

    Dear ZTE customers,

    We are announcing now that we are already developing android 8 for the Axon 7, your positive feedback has been inspiring us a lot and made us very happy and because of this we try to get it customer ready as soon as possible for the best customers in the world, and I ask for your understanding because we still need some time to perfect it.
    So if you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know it under this post, thanks a lot!!

    Does this post include all variants of the Axon 7, such as the A2017U?? Thanks