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    Here is a short review about SD card.

    I had one since the beginning

    Samsung Pro 64 Gb Micro SD in my Axon 7, until the update to Oreo, this was actually optimal.

    Since the Oreo update, it is indeed possible to integrate the SD card into the internal memory.

    Apparently, the performance of my Samsung SD card has not met the minimum requirements to work properly.

    I was able to use them, but the capacity was not displayed correctly and although 128 Gb of memory was available I could actually use only 64 Gb.

    After a long research, I decided to invest a few € in a new Micro SDXC card.

    I've bought a Sandisk Extreme SDXC 128 Gb and no more problems.

    The capacity is displayed correctly and the best my Axon 7 has received an unexpectedly noticeable performance boost.

    The Sandisk Micro SD card has an A1 label which gives it the necessary performance to boost performance.

    Maybe this can help one or the other to eliminate the "Oreo SD card bug".

    The experiences are very different.

    One is dissatisfied, the other is positively pleased and even speaks of a performance boost. For me personally the Nougat B12 was the most stable and best running FW.

    I charge it when it's 0%, never at night and I always put it in airplane mode when I have it loaded

    Have you already reinstalled your apps since you got Oreo?

    I once had a similar problem with nougat and I have reset the device to factory settings and reinstalled the firmware clean.

    That fixed the problem. But that's also the last method I would use. Especially since we do not yet have the Oreo SD cards, it is an in circulation but I would be wary of that.

    I had downloaded this and more than an error message did not came out.

    Pie will definitely not come for the Axon 7 on the Official Road.

    It will be more about an alternative Custom Rome provided but there you should talk to the guys from XDA developers.

    The sound problem should be solved by a wipe cache partition.

    39 instead of 0 this time that's so weird

    How and when do you load the device?

    By that I mean, does it charge overnight?

    Is unnecessarily long on the stream although already 100% charged?

    Is it switched off while it's charging?

    If it is switched on when charging, are the Wlan and the wireless connection activated?

    I use YouTube Music, now and back on Nougat too. I guess I can try reinstalling it again but I formatted the phone after installing Oreo so the app is practically 4 days old too 😅 thanks for the answer tho 👍🏻

    Do you have the problem even if you use the stock music player?

    Play around with the power options, optimize in the background and optimize on the lock screen.

    The two have a tremendous impact on the performance of the app

    Ok so one more problem since Oreo. I'm a big headphone user, use them almost everyday. Since upgrading to Oreo I've been getting these audio cracks, or whatever you call it, where the sound flickers extremely much. It's so damn annoying because it ruins the whole experience of listening to music and just makes you wanna smash your phone on the ground. In my experience it's not internet connected as it can happen everywhere. Probably bad RAM management or the CPU gets overloaded. Same thing but a lot less intrusive used to happen with Nougat too but always when the battery was very low (Nougat was famous for making the phone lag a lot when under a certain battery percentage). But with Oreo it can happen whenever. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I do not have this problem.

    At first I had problems with the sampling rate, the output was limited to 16bit 48kHz.

    Solved the problem after I formatted the SD card as a device memory.

    Then I moved Poweramp and Neutron Player to the SD card and the sound was Head Blowing again.

    It can also be due to Oreo's energy options which are a little tricky.

    Which app do you use for music playback?

    App reinstallation can also help.

    Guys when i plug my headset (Marshall Major II) the Dolby Atmos dont work and same for the super Hi-Fi mode am I alone to have this prob ?

    Have you already tried Wipe Cache Partition?

    Try this, plug in the headphones.

    Open the sound settings and go to the hi-fi menu.

    Press the play symbol and let the tune run while it is running, pull down the status bar and change the sound settings, mute, vibration, sound.

    Then activate Dolby from the status bar and set it to dynamic.

    Switch occasionally in hi-fi settings between standard and super if the sound breaks briefly while you're switched then it works.

    While you are switched to dolby should be disabled and the sound is not on vibration or silent.

    This may sound a bit strange, but that's how I solved the problem with myself.


    In France with A2017G on Nougat B12: the OTA update no longer shows up in Settings !

    I saw it a couple of days ago though.

    Do you know what's up ?

    maybe it was just a time limited action?

    I'm just wondering, was the release actually announced by public ZTE?

    I mean that it made the rounds in Facebook forums, Oreo was finally OTA.

    ZTE itself has behaved quietly.

    Probably we're in another beta testing phase, hoping for better results if people do not know they're beta testing. Cleverly done.

    Neutron Player shows 24bit 96 / 192kHz but I did a test with 2 Axon 7 devices.

    1 Nougat device and 1 Oreo device and my suspicion has been confirmed that the Neutron Player at the Oreo device displays 24bit but sounds exactly like the Nougat device at 16bit 48kHz playback

    I solved the audio problems. The solution is relatively simple, I have formatted the SD card so that this is recognized as a device memory.

    Then the apps I use for music playback migrated to the SD card. The device then restarted and ready.

    Now I have the usual Axon 7 AKM sound that blows my head away.

    According to my information, that is not possible with the installed sensor. It doesn't support gestures.

    I will forward the other issues / suggestions though.

    Is hifi sound enabled in the settings? Does this happen in other apps too? I don't use Poweramp but I will forward this issue.

    Neutron Player shows 24bit 96 / 192kHz but I did a test with 2 Axon 7 devices.

    1 Nougat device and 1 Oreo device and my suspicion has been confirmed that the Neutron Player at the Oreo device displays 24bit but sounds exactly like the Nougat device at 16bit 48kHz playback

    SynekPablo hmm don't know about the data that you mentioned but I plugged in my headphones for the first time since the update and I don't notice any change when switching from standard to super in the settings 😕 that's a bummer. It's probably a bug and hope they address it fairly quickly since it basically was there before and they practically removed it.

    Poweramp shows it to you when you select Hi Res output. In the settings for wired headphone was under nougat the samplerate at 24bit and now 16bit, although you can set the frequency to 192kHz but the actual frequency is only 48kHz.

    Poweramp shows you the selected and the actual frequency at which you recognize it.

    No 3.5mm headphone jack

    No AKM DAC

    No Front Speakers

    Everything that made Axon 7 so special has been removed.

    The Axon 9 (Pro) is now just one of many smartphones and nothing special.

    ZTE had made a survey after all and almost everyone wanted the front speakers in the successor.

    That is very sad.

    Axon 9 is not an option for me !

    Shame on ZTE