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    Sorry, didnt check the xda thread for a while, as this is my main thread. I cant say anything on how it behaves on oreo, but i guess you could just permanently mute the notification. I am not rooted nor do i have any custom rom installed obviously, so i cant even test on these configurations, but it actually should work as intended as well.

    Did you install the latest version of it before posting here? If not, and even if so, go to the download folder and get v0.9 and test again. ;-)

    Regarding substratum theme, i guess this is nothing substratum could do, as it only can take in account portrait/landscape but not landscape left/right which os important for button possition obviously. This is perfectly fine for curved corners, but in our case is not enough. Also i am not rooted, so no substratum ;-)

    alright. I'm on 0.8 which is the one on xda. guess i'll try 0.9 and uninstall if it's still unstable. You can't dismiss that notification in Oreo at all, since it's from the system.

    as i say, its not finnished yet... and maybe a bit late as the device is getting old, but could be usefull...

    Hey FadeFX, I'm having a lot of trouble with the app. told you about it in xda. It crashes sometimes when you rotate the screen, it adds a persistent notification in Oreo, and it sometimes bugs and stays on the side of the screen even when it's on portrait. I believe it'd be much better if you could make a Substratum theme version à la "Curve". I've been using Curve for a lot of time (curved corners) and it never crashed or anything; it is customizable and you can modify it from the Substratum app, so you don't have yet another icon on the homescreen

    These are wonderful news!! Please add the option for navigation buttons. It will make your axon 7 users so happy!!! Propably will make some of them to keep using this devise...

    What? You mean a navbar? That's kind of weird...

    This thread is saturated with small tweaks that could be done easily with root... The things zte really needs to change are the important ones such as Camera2, an Always On Display implementation (can only be done by them), DAC improvement...

    All of these simple tweaks just act as a distraction. We may get a navbar and 40 volume steps but no Camera2 or AOD for that matter

    Can an Always On Display be implemented?
    Support for Camera HAL3 would be very nice too.
    Those are the two things that I'd want from the new ROM.
    Also, I don't know if you can comment about this, but is the new ROM still based on MiFavor? Unjustified Dev over at XDA confirmed that the Oreo ROM will be based in stock Android with some minor modifications, does this hold true for the A2017G?