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    This is quite a common issue for several people and and somehow logical as well.

    The A2017G is sold worldwide and some countries receive individual interim versions related to regional requirements.

    ZTE has IMEI databases for the regions.

    But...several resellers sell into different countries. So the databases can never be 100% up to date.

    So ZTE offers two solutions.

    1. You can send your IMEI to the respective country service for OTA, what often works.

    2. ZTE provides the full version download for everybody who still doesn't succeed.

    In my opinion a good service, though it still could be improved a little.

    I did. Maybe you should check on the positions again.

    I saw, you took my settings somewhere, but must have changed some other thing and left one or more old values somewhere else.

    At least as I had short glance at your data.xml .

    The ...varry.xml is still created with the old values and the R and L buttons are 2px to far to the right.

    I just put my altered values back into the ...varry.xml and L and R buttons are perfect again.

    The positioning is nothing serious but somehow tickles my perfectionism;)


    I just changed the positon values in the...varry.xml a little (still without root).

    PosL to 413

    PosR to 1008

    PosLB to 408

    PosRB to 1003

    It seems 99.999% perfect now - compared to 99.998% before.

    There is still a 1px difference somewhere. Maybe I will find it, when I have the time for some more experiments.

    General question. Is it official Oreo Beta or an experimental derivate?

    Just thinking of unpredictable effects.

    I have had (just) two or three app crashes on nougat as well.

    So there might be a small issue causing that.

    Can you specifiy the notification?

    On nougat I have none.

    I am asking, as of course it should be working on Oreo as well.

    The earlier issues can be defined and solved the better, as it is a great app.

    A lot better now. Left and right button are both still 2px further to they right, but this is hardly noticable. Only by measuring px on screenshot.

    When turning right, it does not flip to the top any more. Only when turning over head from right to left or vice versa, as you stated above.

    Sometimes, but not regularey reproducable, they do not appear or only several seconds later, when turning left to landscape.
    I had this in the versions before as well. Maybe they just have Alzheimer and need some moments to remember ;)

    Some issues seem to be caused by cache and/or a similar storage. Either an Axon7 problem or maybe caused by tasker.

    Axon7, as it keeps information about the app somewhere, even after deinstalling and cleaning cache partition.

    When I install it again or a new version, the icon is placed in the same subfolder, where I moved it before.
    (I created an appfolder for "Settings Apps")

    Some interesting examples concerning cache:

    I deinstalled 0.6. Before doing that I deleted as usual the app storage and app cache, but did not clean cache partition.

    Then I installed 0.7.

    It started even without rights for storage and location and without spinning logo.
    Settings could be properly made. Black line was deactivated, but still turned on sometimes.

    So there must have been left something in some kind of cache.

    After deinstalling buttondots, deleting cache and storage and cleaning cache partition,
    I reinstalled V0.7. It started properly with logo and only after setting the rights.

    So cache and storage seem to play an important role in this case.

    It generally works very very fine for me.:thumbup:

    O, I see, lousy me;)

    If I turn right, for the first moment everything seems ok, but when bending the top up or down, the dots flip from bottom to the top.

    The reason seems quite evident.

    Stock android normally is not set to support head-down portrait mode.

    Third party 360° rotation apps can do it.

    Tasker does as well.

    So in tasker there should be a way to configure or set the directions

    Putting on table or any other movement does not cause any problem in my case.

    One thing I noticed is, even if I deactivate the black line, it returns when moving to landscape and remains also in portrait after it.

    To me no problem, as I want the black line anyway, but maybe to others.

    Great job and as fast as hell. Thx a lot.

    love the frame integration with the black background!

    Large buttons work perfectly in landscape now. Only small buttons still disappear in landscape.

    Small question about positioning ...

    How is the button setting made in tasker? in pixel from left to right or something similar or by drag-and-drop/try-and-error?

    If pixel, the following might help a little for the last high-polishing of the app:

    Large middle button is excellently centered, right button is 8px further away from middle than left button.

    Small middle button is 5px too far on the right. The width is odd number 17px. Should be an even number 18px for perfect centering.

    Small right button is as well 8px further away from middle than left button.

    If you have to do it by dragging the buttons, just leave it. It was only an idea for the last finetuning.

    It is great as it is.

    can you please check on button positions in V0.5 .

    All of them moved some px to the right.

    Before they were perfectly centered. I don't know, if you read my two wishes, I mentioned above...

    1. Please add an option to underlay the button dots with a black line (full width).

    It is just for look-and-feel that they belong to the original Axon7 frame layout.

    2. Please add an option to leave them on in landscape.

    To me it would be very useful for two purposes.

    I have apps, where in landscape I need to longpress the button for a functions menu and secondly, while looking videos in landscape mode, I sometimes need to taskswitch to socnet-apps or else.

    So it would be useful to see them in landscape.

    Really nice one.

    I created button dots by using the app "screen overlays" last year in march.

    It was quite a mess until everything was perfect.

    I would love to use yours, but would need two small features added.

    1. A black line (deep black), 1 or 2 px thicker than the button dashes as an underlay.

    So it looks as a fixed part of the buttom frame.

    2. To leave it always on at the same position, even in landscape

    Maybe just as an option as somebody might need every single px in landscape for whatever reason.

    I am using the "fixed-3-dot-on-black-line" for one year now and it is really useful.

    To have it in one ready app like yours, is what I was always looking for.

    My way is too complicated and sometime shows 2% power consumption which is a bit odd.

    So, if you feel like adding this 2things, I'd really appreciate using it rather than my amateur workaround.

    I am on B09 and just checked the headset issue.

    I tried both headset and headphones.

    The symbol always turns up as headphones, but using the headset the functional mode is headset and my mic is working correctly.

    I cross checked by leaving the volume setting mask visible and changing the volume to full when having my headsets plugged in and to low volume while headset plugged in.

    Changing either changes the volume, which approves that mode changed as well.

    If I plug the headset in extremly slowly, the mode is headphones and remains as headphones when completely plugged in.

    But this can be reproduced on any mobile.

    If plugged in with normal speed it works properly.

    So to me it seems only an issue with the symbol.

    In addition I did not hear about it anywhere else.

    Maybe just recheck and find out.

    Tele.ring, HoT and 0667mms are either the same company or corporation based on T-Mobile services.
    MVNO network business is often a little confusing.
    You should really ask HoT about your three different numbers and the right apn settings.

    Quote from "FadeFX" pid='2038' dateline='1514695333'

    You are right, i had to manually set apn settings before b08 iirc, but b08 and b09 had them set correctly i think.

    So you should have a look at your apn settings again.
    Maybe simply the mvno-type and mvno-number are simply not set.
    You will find both at the bottom of each apn setting
    Or you have three apns and have to set one as standard.
    And maybe call your provider to clarify which numbers to choose for which service.
    With most providers you find different apn settings for prepaid/wap, mms and web.

    Quote from "William Guo" pid='1606' dateline='1512076546'

    The software support for AXON 7 will last for rather long time, so does the development support too.
    Any ideas about improvement would always be highly welcomed!

    Nice to hear, thx.
    It would be great, if some basic annoying issues could be solved even before Oreo.
    1. Language/country problem
    It seems, that there is a basic setting for english, which is read by many apps, no matter what the user sets as basic language/country.
    Example: if you set your phone to German incl German sim, the ZTE browser still believes English is the preferred langiage. Multilingual sites automatically use English, while on other Smartphones the same site will correctly use german.
    Touchpal seems to read the same setting, as it often switches to english, though a different language is set as standard.
    It is an issue, which occurred right from the beginning, but has never been solved. Complains about it, you can find in all Axon7 related forums.
    So, if you find out, where the ZTE browser reads its language imformation from, you'll know where to spot the bug.

    2. plumb line three degree deviation since Nougat.
    Many user complain, as they cannot use Daydream properly for some games because of this.
    Unfortunately there is no sensor calibration as on other smartphones.
    It is said to have been working correctly on Marshmallow.

    3. Ringtone settings
    Rungtones, alarms or notification tones which were properly copied into the appropriate folders, are not added to the respective list, but have to be looked for in "music".
    It is not funny to scroll through 1000s of songs to find one tone.

    4. Visual improvement for Mifavor or any launcher.
    Add the possibility to change to standard icons instead of apple-style icons...or maybe even to use custom icons.
    Android people often don't like apples.

    5. User management.
    Please add the possibility to add users and profiles.
    So users can f.e. switch between business and private or adult and child profile.

    6. Open features.
    Please do not castrate or restrict any android standard functions any more.
    F.e. the system tuner wheel.
    Users would be really happy and grateful.

    Altogether I am really satisfied with the Axon7 flagship.
    The mentioned issues and improvements would push the customer satisfaction some levels upwards.
    As VOC specialist you certainly know its importance.

    Xie xie

    It seems that the virtual provider is not listed in the corresponding xml file.
    As it is Austria, I remember to have read somewhere that Austrian apn settings are often not automatically set correctly.
    Sometimes mvno has to be added manually as well.
    If apn settings are right and complete and the apn is set as standard, this popup shouldn't turn up any more.