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    so now i got my battery replaced now, but i think the spontanious shutdown problem is not gone as it seems. It did today shutdown at 17%, while that is better than with the old battery and capacity is also better, it means that there must besomething wrong in the kernel as well, it is not measuring correctly.

    Also i found out that zte has lied regarding battery specs, while everywhere they stated 3250mah, the label on the battery itself clearly says 3140mah which is not much of a difference but still it is not what was advertised.

    not sure yet, i think tthere is some stuff under the hood regarding some kernel wakelocks that i can not specify exactly, but battery use seems better and some quirks i had with boat browser, which i actually blamed the android version and boat not being supported anymore, are gone. Battery life looks better as well...

    but tthere was no changelog anywhere or something, if you mean that

    also i am currently at 8% battery and the phone did not shut down yet. This usially happened between 32% and 20%. Quite interesting, i thought my battery was to blame. Will see how it behaves tomorrow.

    hmm, battery is still the same, i am gonna get a new one tomorrow. However, still the device feels smoother...

    i seem to be lucky with the update, audio is fine, sdcard as well, only the battery stuff makes me crazy and thinking of doing a factory reset to see if this fixes it. However i have watched this behaviour even before the oreo update, but not before the 'preparation update' so this could be a software issue or a hardware problem as well. Has anyone tried a factory reset and still has that problem with sudden drops to 0% and shutdown while after a reboot there is ~30% left?

    ok, so when it took me too long on friday to get the ota for b10 i deceded to do the manual download. Unfortunately (ok, thwts my own fault) i derped and downloaded marshmallow b10 instead. When flashing that one the updater told me that the update would be lossy and it would take a backup for that reason. So far so good, after the flash i bootlooped and thought ok, there is a backup, so went to recovery to do a factory reset. This wasnt the best idea but i didnt yet realize i flashed marshmallow so i just did that and the device booted and i realized my derp. So i downloaded and flashed nougat b10 i was originally to dl and tried to restore the backup, unfortunately i had been able to only restore call logs and sms messages, the app restore wentbthrough but gave a triangle with a ! in it and no apps restored. So i flashed back b09 to see if it works on the firmware i took the backup on, but no dice either. This costed me big part of my weekend to recover to a state which is not completely but nearly the state i was on, fortunately i use backup functions in many apps i use like kustom widget, tasker and others and i always maintain a 1/1 copy of mybinternal sdcard on my nas using foldersync to keep it fresh every night.

    So the bug seems to be either backup doesnt do the backup correctly, or there is a probpem with the restore function.

    this is wrong information, if there is no update found, you get a "your device is on the latest version of the software" notice. what firmware are you currently on?

    alright. I'm on 0.8 which is the one on xda. guess i'll try 0.9 and uninstall if it's still unstable. You can't dismiss that notification in Oreo at all, since it's from the system.

    Did you try to hold and pull the notification to side? There should be a gear then which lets you hide (not dismiss) the notification permanently.

    And there is no version on xda at all, on xda is only a link to this thread.

    Hey FadeFX, I'm having a lot of trouble with the app. told you about it in xda. It crashes sometimes when you rotate the screen, it adds a persistent notification in Oreo, and it sometimes bugs and stays on the side of the screen even when it's on portrait. I believe it'd be much better if you could make a Substratum theme version à la "Curve". I've been using Curve for a lot of time (curved corners) and it never crashed or anything; it is customizable and you can modify it from the Substratum app, so you don't have yet another icon on the homescreen

    Sorry, didnt check the xda thread for a while, as this is my main thread. I cant say anything on how it behaves on oreo, but i guess you could just permanently mute the notification. I am not rooted nor do i have any custom rom installed obviously, so i cant even test on these configurations, but it actually should work as intended as well.

    Did you install the latest version of it before posting here? If not, and even if so, go to the download folder and get v0.9 and test again. ;-)

    Regarding substratum theme, i guess this is nothing substratum could do, as it only can take in account portrait/landscape but not landscape left/right which os important for button possition obviously. This is perfectly fine for curved corners, but in our case is not enough. Also i am not rooted, so no substratum ;-)