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    Ok so one more problem since Oreo. I'm a big headphone user, use them almost everyday. Since upgrading to Oreo I've been getting these audio cracks, or whatever you call it, where the sound flickers extremely much. It's so damn annoying because it ruins the whole experience of listening to music and just makes you wanna smash your phone on the ground. In my experience it's not internet connected as it can happen everywhere. Probably bad RAM management or the CPU gets overloaded. Same thing but a lot less intrusive used to happen with Nougat too but always when the battery was very low (Nougat was famous for making the phone lag a lot when under a certain battery percentage). But with Oreo it can happen whenever. Has anyone else had this problem?

    SynekPablo hmm don't know about the data that you mentioned but I plugged in my headphones for the first time since the update and I don't notice any change when switching from standard to super in the settings 😕 that's a bummer. It's probably a bug and hope they address it fairly quickly since it basically was there before and they practically removed it.

    Personally I like it. Installed it yesterday late at night and I got to play with it for like half a day. So far so good, very few things to complain about.

    I like the promised almost stock feeling it gives. Fingerprint reader feels kinda faster, maybe? Battery also feels maybe a little bit better but can't say for sure. Don't know if it still will lag once it reaches around 20%,hopefully not. All in all feels a little faster than before.

    I saw that music streaming cover art now acts as lock screen wallpaper, which I find VERY nice to have.

    Also now there's a HDR mode for selfies. Haven't played around with it much but I think it can provide a subtle but nice effect.

    FINALLY the power manager isn't killing stuff it shouldn't. Like for example on nougat I tried installing the pixel live wallpapers and I tried every way possible to apply them but power manager always killed the wallpaper "app". Couldn't do anything about it either cuz it's not actually an app, more like a bundle of sorts, so it doesn't have an UI, and therefore it didn't appear on power manager.

    Now to the complaints.

    1. What is with the persistent carrier label in the status bar??? I see no reason whatsoever to have it there all the time. The notification icons look totally weird next to it.

    2. Was kinda disappointed that camera2 API was not fully supported. Was kinda expecting it since so many people wanted it. Also the camera app in itself feels somehow weird? Maybe it's just me.

    3. Daydream is temporarily not supported, at least so it said in the update description. Hopefully with another small update they add support for it and full camera2 API.

    4. The app switching UI feels also weird and has a design like it was made with and for Windows 95. Not cool.

    5. Also expected to have some fingerprint reader gestures available. Didn't deliver.

    6. Also I saw that on video setting the stabilisation toggle is still backwards. How difficult is it to get it right?

    I think that's about it, maybe? Like I said, all in all good, but still has some small stuff that bothers (sometimes more than they should). Love to hear other opinions about other stuff you've noticed.



    Hi everyone,

    I've been using Spotify almost on all of my devices. The only difference is that on all of the previous ones, the album cover of the track playing was always displayed on the lock screen and it made for a pretty nice lock screen cover too. But I've not yet seen the album cover displayed on the A7 lock screen. Has anyone else also encountered this problem and maybe has already found a solution?

    I have a A2017G running the latest B10 firmware with Nova launcher as the default.

    Many thanks in advance :)


    Hi William Guo

    Thanks for taking our ideas into consideration and passing them to the engineers! If I were to describe MY perfect phone for the moment, it would go something like this:


    I like the big screen and small bezels on the phones like Galaxy S8/S9 or iPhone X. BUT I would be willing to compromise some space on the top and bottom if the phone had for example dual front facing speakers like our Axon 7. I have fallen in love with them! The bezels on the left and right though could theoretically be smaller and look like they drip over the side like the S9, but again, it's not a dealbreaker for me, since having that kind of 3D glass makes finding accessories like tempered glass for the display much more difficult. But whatever you do, DO NOT put a notch on the top of the phone. This trend is just stupid and has to stop. Body could be made out of glass, I like the smoothness of it and since there's no metal to interfere, it could also have fast wireless charging. Type C USB, of course, if its possible 3.1 with QuickCharge 4.0+ or PowerDelivery. Camera could be smoother than the one on the Axon 7. Maybe a dual camera setup for those portrait modes? :P . Oh and battery, 4000 mAh would be pretty nice. Fingerprint sensor positioning: if it does have small bezels on the front or dual front facing speakers, then it has to be on the back. Otherwise, I would't mind having it on the front either. Now the headphone jack: I know this is a controversial topic. I believe that if the phone does have a high end DAC, then it DOES have to have a headphone jack. Otherwise, FOR ME, the lack of it wouldn't be very bad. SD Card support would be nice, but if the phone already has 64 or more GB, then for me it doesn't matter much. Capacitive buttons: in this time and age, I wouldn't like them on my phone, especially if it's designed badly like on our Axon 7. On screen buttons are the way to go. And the screen, of course, has to be AMOLED with a QHD resolution. And last but probably the most important, the SoC. If you guys decide it will be the successor to the Axon 7 and a flagship for ZTE, then it has to have the latest and greatest: the Qualcomm 845.


    Now regarding software. Keep it simple guys. Stock is the way to go nowadays. Many other companies are getting made fun off since they have their own skin on top of Android that makes the phone look like a cheap chinese copy of the iPhone. Stock with maybe some small features, like the ones on our Axon 7. PLEASE find some good translators and get a better job translating to other languages. The Axon 7 is great, but now and again there are some small disturbing things in the UI that make it look cheap even if it is not. Camera UI has to be simplistic and of course has to implement Camera2api full mode. Artificial intelligence is a thing now, apparently, but I don't really know the benefits of it except that the camera can recognize objects. And the software updates: now I don't really know how the situation was when the phone came out, maybe there were regular updates to our Axon 7, maybe not, but I do know that nowadays there aren't many. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful that our phones are getting Oreo, but does it stop with just the Oreo update or do we get security updates after that? My point is, you guys have to commit to your devices. Best case scenario would be monthly security updates AND two big Android updates.

    I guess that's probably it on my side. Would love to know what your intentions are with the Axon 9. What you guys are working on the most: display, camera, performance etc

    Cheers :)

    Hi William Guo

    Hope you're doing well. Has there been any news regarding the update? I've thought about another feature if you are still open to suggestions. When you are listening to music, doesn't matter which app, and if you are wearing headphones which have 3 buttons ( volume up, volume down, play/pause), it would be nice if the volume buttons could be mapped to changing the song. For example, when you long press the volume up button, you get the next song, or, when you long press the volume down button, you get the previous song. I've found this very useful when for example you have gloves on or when you can't reach your device.

    Edit: now that I think about it, it doesn't have to be limited to when you have headphones with 3 buttons. It could also work with the buttons on the device itself with the same pattern. Single press = volume change, long press = song change. Could be useful when you are listening to music and don't have to unlock the device just to change the song.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers 😀

    Hello William Guo

    I found another "bug" on my A2017G.

    When you get a notification from a chat app, for example WhatsApp, and and when you reply directly from the notification (without opening the app), the lockscreen shortcuts appear at the bottom when I open the notification menu, even if the phone is already unlocked, like shown in the pic.

    Also, since we're talking about the lockscreen shortcuts, it would be nice to have the option for changing them to custom apps.

    Also, another must-have feature for me would be quick share. That is, for example but not restricted to, when taking a screenshot and when I press share on the notification from the screenshot, a quick share menu for my most used applications and contacts appears. So for example, if I want to share the screenshot to a friend of mine I frequently chat with on WhatsApp, his contact AND application shows up on the quick share menu. Same goes for other apps. So for example, I chat with Ben on WhatsApp and Philip on Telegram, both those contacts show up in the quick share menu. That is very practical and useful since I've become used to it on my last devices.

    P. S. : editing to add another thing. PLEASE remove TouchPal as the default keyboard. It feels like it is very bad spam or even malware. There have also been reports that it shows ads, which sounds crazy for a keyboard application. In my opinion, you could make Gboard the default keyboard or even just the AOSP default.

    Another thing, I don't know if it can be implemented by you, but it would be nice to have RCS enabled for the default messaging app. Maybe it is just a feature for the Google Android messages app but I don't think that's the case, because Samsung does already implement it in its default SMS app.

    Would be nice to have your and the engineers opinion on these ideas.

    Thanks and cheers 😀

    Hello illumi241  

    Thanks for the suggestion but I am already aware of the power management for individual apps. The problem is that the apk which I posted provides only the live wallpapers and not a standalone program for applying them. Therefore, it doesn't appear at all in the power management for apps, but it does appear in the app section in the settings.

    The settings for Google wallpaper, which I used to set the live wallpaper, are already optimized as depicted in your screenshot. Thanks for the suggestion. 😀

    Hello William Guo

    my phone is the A2017G with the current version A2017GV1.2.0B08.

    Regarding the power save mode, I use the "Smart power-save".

    Regarding the lock screen wallpaper: I followed your steps and when I am at the last step, I try to disable the upper right button. When I do, a window pops up saying:
    "Lock screen selection

    If you disable this feature, your phone will not change wallpaper each time you wake the screen. Please re-select a wallpaper to turn ZTE Locker off"

    and there are 2 buttons which I can press.

    If I press Cancel, the window closes and the upper right button is still enabled.

    If I press Confirm, I have to select a wallpaper either from gallery or a static wallpaper. Doesn't matter which one I choose, if I press back, I see that the "ZTE locker" setting at the upper right is still enabled. Also to note: in the wallpaper section after I press Confirm, the live wallpapers don't appear there.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Cheers :D

    Hello William Guo ,

    I think you meant to tag me instead of the other user. I chose to write here and not to reply privately so that other users can also get their opinions in.

    1. Power manager - I'll give you the exact program that I've had issues with. It is a package containing the Google Pixel 2 live wallpapers, which I originally found on XDA. Since the package contains only the wallpapers and not any UI or other setting, it stores only the live wallpapers and has no icon on the app drawer. You can choose later yourself how you want to set the wallpapers. In my case, I tried with different programs to set the wallpaper. The wallpapers are set successfully each time, but a couple of minutes after locking the screen, the power managers cleans the apps, and doing this, it force closes the wallpaper app and ultimately the wallpaper goes back to the default one. I tried finding the program in the "Screen lock cleaning" section of the Power manager, but the app itself doesn't appear there at all, because, as I've mentioned, the app doesn't appear in the app drawer at all. And because of this, I cannot set any power management policy for the live wallpaper app. I proved this by activating the "Notify me after cleaning" setting. This shows the apps that were closed by the app manager after unlocking the screen and each time this dialog also showed the program containing the live wallpaper.

    The link where I've found the program is:

    There's also the apk only in APK Mirror for you or the engineers to try for themselves:…m64-android-apk-download/

    2. Fingerprint gestures API - what I meant by this is to use the fingerprint reader in the back for gesture actions. For example: swiping down on the fingerprint reader could open the notification bar. Swiping in other directions could do other shortcuts chosen by the user. Double tapping on the fingerprint could also be a gesture. These work in the cases when the phone is already unlocked and the fingerprint reader isn't expecting any input. It should also without having saved any fingerprint data for unlocking the phone, since it relies only on the gesture and not the fingerprint itself.

    I hope I've been as clear as I can with the explanations. It's very nice to hear that the engineers are actually listening to consumers and are willing to get feedback. :D

    Since I'm writing here, might as well mention a couple of other details:

    3. Jump to camera - apparently the A2017G version also has the "Jump to camera" option in the settings, but I didn't know about it. Then I stumbled upon a reddit forum for the Axon 7, where someone mentioned that the phone actually supports double pressing the power button for jumping to the camera. I read that in the settings it isn't visible but one you press the search button and type it, the setting actually appears in the results. Don't know if this is a bug or something, but it would be nice to have it in the gestures sections maybe.

    4. Always on display - this is a pretty nice feature to have on AMOLED displays, since it doesn't use up battery because of the screen technology. Displaying the clock, date, notification app logo and other information on the screen while it is locked would be nice. Also a "glance" option, where you pick up the phone and the always-on display lights up showing the information I mentioned above.

    I think that is enough for today. :) . Once again, many thanks for replying. As I've mentioned, I would be more than welcome to discuss more issues the engineers might have regarding features, so don't be shy to forward the engineers questions or opinions to us.


    Hello William Guo

    recently the A2017U version of the Axon 7 got a new update containing the December security patches and performance improvements. Any idea if the A2017G will get any similar update (hopefully with more recent security updates than December) before the big Oreo update?

    Thanks in advance 😀

    Hello William Guo

    Thanks for the quick response. What FadeFX means are the messages that appear on the lower part of the screen for a short period of time. I'll add a picture of an example. In my opinion, the icon of the app needs to be a small icon in the upper right corner of the message.

    Also, I'd be very interested in what the engineers have to say about the beta program, so please keep us up to date regarding that.

    Thanks and cheers.

    Hello everyone.

    Here are a couple of suggestions that I have for the ZTE engineers about what to implement in the new Oreo update:

    1. Camera 2 full mode API - as you've probably read almost everywhere here, is that we would like to have the full camera 2 API for this great phone to make the camera even better.

    2. Faster and more accurate fingerprint reader- I can't speak for everyone here, but there are cases where I immediately unlock the phone using fingerprint, and other cases where I try and try, even changing fingers, where it just doesn't want to cooperate. Hoping you'd fix that.

    3. Fingerprint gestures API - this is a cool nice-to-have feature, as it can become pretty reliable if implemented right. Things like swiping notification, home button or back can be mapped to different gestures.

    4. Security patches - the last security patch for the German Axon 7 is from October. I understand how big updates can take time, but security patches van just be installed through OTA updates, so please keep that in mind. Monthly security updates would be really really great.

    5. Faster double-tap-to-wake - again, speaking only for myself, even though I've read by A LOT of people, this feature is very slow. A faster implementation of this would be very nice since many people use it.

    6. Power Manager - now this is a little controversial. I like the different modes of the power manager up until one point. Sometimes it gets too aggressive, which shouldn't be the case. And I found our that you can't apply any of these setting to apps that don't appear on the app drawer, which is kinda weird, because sometimes it's just an add on. Example: live wallpaper "app" I installed. Technically it's not an app since it just installs the live wallpapers to use with different apps and because of that, it doesn't appear on the drawer. Nevertheless, the manager cleans it after screen lock, making the wallpaper default back to the stock ones.

    7. Live wallpapers - pretty self explanatory.

    8. Album art - I've used a couple of different music apps and the album art provided by them doesn't appear on the lock screen, which I kind of got used to with previous phones.

    9. Better translations - sometimes in the English setting, there are a couple of weird translations, probably from Chinese. So a better translation of them would be nice.

    10. Bloatware - please remove everything people don't actually use.

    11. Project Treble - last but definitely not least is project Treble. Now I know this would be difficult to implement, since I've read that you would actually need to repartition everything and risking deleting the data, but a nice and thorough backup of everything could help in the long run. And think of the many updates you could provide us with 😎

    I hope I've been thorough enough with the features I think would be pretty amazing to have on this already great phone.

    I would also suggest a beta program. Providing some people with a beta version of Oreo so that you could get real time feedback would be a great project and I would even be the first one to jump on board.

    Thanks for listening/reading and hopefully I could've been of help. Thanks, William, for everything you've done so far regarding forwarding suggestions to the ZTE engineers.

    P.s. Editing :

    12. Interactive quick settings - normally when you tap on a tile, you should get an interactive option right there. Example: tapping on Wi-Fi should open up a list of available Wi-Fis right there and then, and not turn the Wi-Fi off. This goes for the other settings as well. Also: when editing the quick settings, I would like to be able to delete some of them from there since I don't use them.

    13. Screenshot - I like the screenshot functionality, resizing and scrolling downwards. Hopefully, you make it "prettier". Native support for screen recording, maybe by pressing volume up + power button would also be great. Or maybe a stand alone app, where you could choose to insert audio from speakers or not.