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    I just checked the compatibility of Axon 7 under Oreo with the Google Treble project (allowing faster and regular updates of the OS). This function/new architecture was implement on Android since Oreo. It seems that ZTE til now on choose not to implement it. CAn we hope on a coming version of Oreo for ZTE which includes this great function ?

    Thank you for the Oreo Update.

    2 Questions / remarks

    - will be also Android Pie available on Axon 7 ?

    - I want to report a problem : since the Oreo update, I have sound quality issues while activating the Dolby application, the sound quality drops with a lot of noice interferences espacially while listening to voice only tracks (Films / Podcast / Youtube video).

    Thank you.

    @ William Guo

    I saw today every Android update files disappeared from the German Website ( Does this mean that, because of the US ban, there will be any Android 8 update possible in Germany ?

    Thank your in advance for you reply

    @ William Guo

    Hello William,

    Pleaz add in your build in music app 2 things:

    - The possibility to see the cover in full screen modus on the lock screen

    - while searching for artists / songs : a search field where you can type the name of the group or song

    + I remarked that, the app has to deal with a huge amout of songs store on the memory, there are huge lags and it crasehs. So a little bit more stability in the app would be also great !


    @ William Guo

    Hello William

    1 - Concerning the skype issue ; yes it concerns only skype.

    Even if I have to say that several interlocutors were complaining about a bad sound quality while I was speaking during a normal phone call

    2 - I forgot to mention : concerning the built-in music application : please ad a search field so that you can type the name of the song or of the artist you want to find.

    3 - As several other contributors were saying : please

    3.1 - offer more aesthetical icons, the current one are really not nice (please get inspired by the flat design)

    3.2 - offer more icon sets to chose

    Thank you in advance !


    @William Guo

    Thank your for your reply !

    Well concerning my skype issue, I do not encounter this on other android / ios or Windows devices : I call smb, It rings. The person take the call and can't here me and I can' here the person neither. The same happens when I m called by somebody. I check the parameters and everything is configurated properly. So I guess is an issue linked to the phone (hardware/software issue ?)

    Thank you for your help !

    Best regards

    William Guo

    Hello William,

    The Oreo update is a great news for the Axon 7 !

    7 urgent sofware improvements to this already great device :

    1 - Notification badges :

    Please ! : Integrate a notification badge system (not only for phone call and the sms but also for all the other apps like whatsapp) so that we can see the number of notifications we get and which are unread like this :

    It's really a missing part. I I mean that it really shows the NUMBER of unread notification, not just ta dot like Android via a dot system will originially do.

    2 - Music player:

    2.1 - It is a gread built in music player but I think the ergonomy and the organziation of the title should be rethink. Check at the Sony Xperia musicplayer as an exemple. THe current organization of the titles found on the device is not satisfiying at all.

    2.2 - Could you also integrate an automatic download of the music covers ?(like in the Sony Xperia music app).

    2.3 - Could you also make it possible to see the cover of the playing tracks on the unlockscreen.

    3 - Weather forcast : could you integrate a nice weahter forcast with a widget that can be unfold to let you discover the weather for the 3 à 5 next days).

    4 - Photo widget : could you integrate a nice photo widget (like in the Sony Xperia).

    5 - App drawer : could yu add an app drawer thig the possibility of sorting the app by name or date and creating folders (also check here the exemple of the Sony Xperia).

    6 - Headphone Volume limitation for Europe : could it be possible to have the option of unleashing the full volume power for the headphone cause I use a cable to external speakers and the volume so far is really too low.

    7 - Skype issues : I dond know if its due to the current hardware but I have issues being call or calling somebody with skype on the phone. Can you check that ?

    Thank you !