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    i hav seen reddit n xda posts that a2017u works with jio volte but not a2017g

    Even on custom roms

    Even ims apn settings does not work on a2017g as in a2017u

    Also i noticed whatsapp backup issues on my a2017g on b10

    It shows roaming cannot backup even when on wifi n not roaming

    are they computer generated replies

    I am from bangalore too we dont have jio volte even though band support is there for jio volte and volte is supported by the phone

    At launch event of axon 7 they said it would be launched in india but it never launched

    anyway thank u for ur commitment and support

    someone preferring zte over apple and samsung prefer having good features like good display build audio and clean software and other features so please just dont follow apple and samsung do ur own best we like ur axon 7 design try to improvise over it .

    Rather than bezel less display provide us with good display dual speaker good battery and audio.

    Please try tall panel as it might become common in future so software support will be good

    please try to solve jio volte issue as there are many users using axon with jio in india u may even see xda thread dedicated for that

    if design is refreshing some people who r bored of similar design get attracted

    axon 7 overheats when hotspot is turned on for 5min or more please fix that

    please schedule atleast one bug fixing update after 3-4months of oreo update

    even if there are no other improvements if volte is provided and jio volte is supported i would be very happy

    Actually phone supports band 3 5 40 on which jio 4g and volte works but i dont know what is the problem volte doesnt work

    my request is to support jio volte please as it barely takes any effort to activate supported volte as us version supports it here my friends with oneplus have only this advantage over this

    Software suggestions are

    1 add search feature and customizations to music player or support dac for other music players youtube and video players

    2 aptx is native in oreo please dont forget to activate

    3 maximize battery optimization

    4 some stutters are present in graphic intensive games like pes fix it

    5 low brightness levels fine tuned

    6 phone audio issues while dolby on using earphones

    7 more than 10 tabs in chrome phone hangs try to fix it

    8 always on display