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    Hi! I wanted to share with you game I'm making for quite some time now. It relies on randomness, it has randomly generated levels, and items. You can see the gameplay trailer here:

    its old though and many things have changed :)

    game is not yet on the google play as im missing few things, but it's available to download on my facebook page.

    Anyone have opinions? What do you think? You like it? The game won't have micropayments neither ads.

    I only have 1 game, the one I develop for people to have fun. It doesn't require anything, it doesn't have ads neither micropayments. You can play for free and as much as you want. If anyone here is interested in sharing an opinion i would appreciate it.

    Gameplay here (music comes from software it's not like that in the game)

    I've not tried any custom ROM yet, but is there a ROM which has everything just working? I've read about lineage os and there's apparently but even during calls.. to guys in this thread, are your ROMs complete?

    >which custom ROM do you use
    >Hurr Durr I use stock but I like spamming so I reply

    Guys, isn't it obvious that if you use stock you shouldn't post in this thread? Op asked question to people on customs, and you only make it more difficult to follow the thread

    I'm from Poland - the third world country which looks nicer and is safer for its citizens than the biggest first world Europe countries such as France or Germany