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    I Have exactly the same problem..

    And need help.

    and about formatting as an internal storage is not an option for me. I need to frequently use it outside my phone.

    You can format it as an external storage, basically deletes everything (backup ezpz) and then you paste it on the SD card again. It also renames the SD card which doesn't change anything.

    I feel like the battery life has gotten worse. Also when it shuts down after the battery dropping to "0%" it has some battery left when I plug it in, when I boot it up with that left charge and let it run to 0 again it's in the shut down charging screen 0% again.

    Yes, save all your data (basically copy your entire SD Card to an external storage like your PC or Laptop) and format it as an SD Card (not as an internal storage if you get what I mean). Solved my problems at least. And then ofc copy everything back to your SD Card.

    was this warning always there?

    Did ZTE unlocked my bootloader with the last update?

    I am a little confused. Can someone explain that to me please?

    I didn't get that message as I updated mine via SD-Card. Dunno what you did to your bootloader that you get that message man. And they didn't unlock your Bootloader, unlocking it would take your warranty which they wouldn't do without letting you decide wether you want or not.

    Have you even read what the recent posts were about? We were talking about the beta test and the ppl that participated in it which one of those might share the beta zip. Also lineageos15.1 is still actively in development. Its just not finished yet for a stable release. But according to unjustifieddev, its pretty close

    I don't care about some Custom ROM which will be buggy as hell or a beta which will be buggy too, but what I can say for sure is that the ZTE Axon 7 will never ever get an official Android 8 patch. That's for sure.